One Click Downloader For Youtube


Looking for alternative sầu lớn 1 Click YouTube Video Download extension? Here is best 1-Click YouTube Downloader alternative sầu và easy steps for video clip download.

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1-Cliông chồng YouTube Video Download is the very popular không tính tiền Firefox extension, it is a helpful tool for the users who lượt thích lớn enjoy YouTube videos và want to lớn download them on Windows or Mac computers. However, it has some limitations, we will explore the limitations of this program và provide you the best alternative lớn 1 Clichồng YouTube Downloader.

There are many restrictions of the 1 Cliông xã YouTube Downloader, probably you are wondering what program lớn choose. The internet offers almost unlimited possibilities and opportunities, but if you want to lớn choose the best video clip downloader available, you should definitely try iTube HD Video Downloader.


With iTube HD Video Downloader you can download videos with only one cliông xã videos from more than 10,000 Clip sharing websites.iTube HD Video Downloader offers an incredibly fast downloading tốc độ.It can tải về batch of videos. It is also an organizer for your downloaded or local videos.It supports khổng lồ convert downloaded YouTube videos in 153+ truyền thông media formats.The program is compatible with Firefox, Safari và Chrome and works well with Mac 10.6 or later (including macOS Mojave).

Tutorial for 1 Clichồng Download YouTube Videos on Mac

Step 1. 1 Click khổng lồ Download YouTube Video

After installing iTube HD Video Downloader, a "Download" button will be added lớn any YouTube đoạn Clip so you can download YouTube in one click. Like 1-Clichồng YouTube Download, it supports Firefox in addition to Safari và Chrome. When you play the đoạn Clip you want to lớn download, mouse over the video clip player and the "Download" button will appear at the top left corner of the video. Cliông chồng it to lớn start downloading YouTube lớn your Mac.

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Beside downloading YouTube by cliông xã, you can also use the "Paste URL", or drag and drop the URL lớn the dochồng ibé of iTube YouTube Downloader lớn start downloading YouTube video.


Step 2. Convert Downloaded YouTube Video khổng lồ Other Formats

iTube 1-Clichồng YouTube Downloader also allows you lớn convert YouTube to lớn any regular format like MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, MKV, etc. To convert the downloaded YouTube video clip, go lớn "Downloaded" tab, và click the "Add lớn Convert List" ibé next to the video clip to import the Clip to lớn "Convert" menu.


Then turn to "Convert" menu, click the "Convert" ibé on the right of each đoạn Clip nhà cửa. In the window that shows up, choose the format you want and Cliông chồng "OK" to lớn confirm.


Note that the download extension for Safari, Firefox và Chrome will be installed automatically when installation. Please go to the extension section of browser lớn make sure the existence of iTube HD Video Downloader extension. If it doesn"t exist, re-install the program or go lớn Preference to install. Also make sure it"s enabled, otherwise, you will be failed lớn download Clip with this 1 Cliông chồng YouTube Downloader.

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Part 2. Why 1-Cliông xã YouTube Video Download is Not Enough?

1-Click YouTube Video Download is a cool, but it works like an add-on for your browser, which means is quite limited. Yes, you can tải về YouTube videos with it, but otherwise, it is not that useful. Let"s see why 1-Click YouTube Video Download is not the best option for you:

1-Cliông chồng YouTube Download extension is compatible only for downloading YouTube videos. For any other websites, you need another downloader.This extension only work with Internet Explorer and Firefox, if you are using any other browser, then it would not work.Videos cannot be paused during the downloading process.Main program window cannot be accessed during the downloading process.Besides downloading, there are no additional features offered by the add-on.Does not support đoạn Clip download in HD unique.Allows downloading videos only in limited formats.Due khổng lồ it"s miễn phí software, it probably occur some annoying problems but without any online support.1 Clichồng YouTube Downloader will tải về your favorite videos as FLV files, so you will need another program to convert them.