Pizza 4P'S Le Thanh Ton, Ho Chi Minh City


Everyone visiting Vietnam must try Pizza 4P’s, a restaurant chain with locations in the main Vietnamese tourist destinations.

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4P stands for “for peace”. The idea is to live sầu happily with a positive outlook on life while having peace of mind and toàn thân. But 4Ps can also represent four passions that are part of the company’s culture: artisanal cheese, food brought from farm khổng lồ table, thiết kế, & “omotenashi”, which is the spirit of Japanese hospitality.

History of Pizza 4Ps

The chain was founded by Yosuke Masuko, a Japanese entrepreneur who describes himself as a “pizza maniac”. He learned how to make pizza at home page to please his ex-girlfrikết thúc in nhật bản. Soon after, he started to lớn make pizza parties with his friends. But, the joy lasted just a few months. Its oven was taken by the government, as he says.

In 2008, he moved khổng lồ Hanoi, as director of a Japanese investment firm (CyberAgent Ventures). While working for this company, he met his wife, Sanae Masuko, in nhật bản. They got married & decided khổng lồ quit their stable jobs to start their own business. At that time, the passion for pizza và the memory of the good times with friends spoke louder.

They opened up the first restaurant in Ho Chi Minch City in 2011, with their 100,000 US-dollar savings. Since then, the pizzeria has been a hit with locals, despite the country’s cuisine being based on rice. As soon as the restaurant opened, 90% of the customers were foreigners, but in just 6 months, it fell in Vietnamese taste. Today, 70% of customers are Vietnamese.

As a perfectionist, Yosuke at first didn’t accept any payment for pizzas that were not perfect. It took some time for the employees to adapt to Yosuke strict standards. Today, employees spend months in customer service training, following the best Japanese standards. By the way, every attendant speaks english.

Given the lack of fresh cheese in Vietnam và the long time taken khổng lồ import this sản phẩm, they decided to lớn produce cheese by themselves. After all, it was a key ingredient in Pizza. According to Yosuke, they learned how to make cheese on YouTube!

Initially, the production took place in the restaurant itself, but today, they have sầu a separate company that exports varieties of cheese khổng lồ many countries in Asia. They produce 8 types of cheese, aước ao which, Camembert, Mozzarella, Raclette, & Burrata st& out.

But, they didn’t stop there. Dissatisfied with the chất lượng of the milk used khổng lồ make the cheese, they bought their own farm & their own cows.

In its turn, the vegetables used in the pizzas come from trusted producers, located on farms cthua trận khổng lồ the restaurants following the concept “From Farm to Table”. They are all organic ingredients.

Nowadays, Pizza 4Ps has 19 locations in the 4 main tourist destinations in Vietphái mạnh. Its success story has been highlighted in many international media outlets, such as BBC, Thành Phố New York Times, & nhật bản Times.

In the future, the company intends to go public on the stock exchange & open branches in other countries.

Our experience

I went lớn Pizza 4Ps on my first visit to Hanoi in năm nhâm thìn. Luckily, the restaurant was just 50m from our khách sạn. We were in a traveling group & went khổng lồ the restaurant twice. The pizza was good, so was the service, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. What I liked most was it was so cthất bại to the hotel and that I could enjoy the company of my friends.

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Pizza Oven, Pizza 4Ps, Ho Chi Minh City

When I returned khổng lồ Vietphái nam in 20trăng tròn, I found again a Pizza 4Ps next lớn my hotel in Ho Chi Minch City. Fate or mere coincidence? The pizzeria was full, with a waiting line, but even so, they found a way khổng lồ get us a table. The service was excellent. We were surprised by the way the attendants took care of the customers.

This time, there were also burrata pizzas. Think of a tasty pizza, which was even better accompanied by a Chilean Merlot Wine. The amazing thing is that the pizzas were in the oven for 2 or 3 minutes, at most!

We returned to the pizzeria twice, tasting other pizza flavors, such as Salmon and Four Cheese. All of them were very good, but nothing compares lớn the Burrata ones.

Spaghetti Bolognese with Burrata

In Nha Trang, another tourist destination in Vietphái mạnh, we return khổng lồ Pizza 4Ps. There, I realized I was in the best restaurant chain in the country. The service was spectacular. All of the attendants were very very nice. Moreover, it was at Nha Trang’s Pizza 4Ps that I tasted the best spaghetti bolognese of my life. The secret was everything tastes better with Burrata.

One time, due lớn a short service delay, we received, in addition to a thousvà excuses, a delicious dessert: a fondant chocolate cake (photo below). We accept it with pleasure.


Basically, the Pizza 4Ps thực đơn consists of a seasonal thực đơn, pizzas, salads, kinds of pasta, soups, appetizers, và desserts.

Pizza 4ps Signature Dishes

The signature dishes are the pizzas with Burrata: Burrata Parma Ham, Burrata Parma Margherita, và Burrata Anchovy Tomakhổng lồ. The pizza’s price is about 13 US dollars.

But if you don’t lượt thích pizza, you will also find a variety of salad & pasta with delicious artisanal cheese.

Fondant Chocolate Cake: delicious

To drink, there are several options of wines, red or white, which are sold not only in 750 ml bottles but also in glasses & carafes.


Pizza 4Ps has locations in the main tourist destinations in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City (10 restaurants), Hanoi (6 restaurants), Da Nang (2 restaurants) và Nha Trang (1 restaurant). To find one next lớn you, cliông xã here.

I strongly recommend you khổng lồ make a reservation before going there. You can vì chưng it by Pizza 4Ps website or by phone.


If you are going to lớn Vietphái nam you definitely have sầu to eat at Pizza 4Ps. Even if you are not a bạn of pizza, there are other dishes such as pasta và salads that you may like. In my opinion, the main Pizza 4Ps pros are:

Exceptional ServiceFood QualityGood AtmosphereGood value for money.

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By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post. According to lớn Yosuke Masuko, there is no need lớn advertise, because consumer satisfaction is the best marketing.