Vietn A Rney Releases 2021 Global Services Location Index


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About the 2019 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index (GSLI)

Now in its ninth edition since 2004, the 2019 GSLI helps companies make key location decisions about where khổng lồ locate offshore operations, và the Index sheds light on their complex and shifting choices. The 50 countries in the 2019 Index are selected based on corporate đầu vào, current remote services activity, và government initiatives lớn promote the sector, including digital preparedness. Each country is evaluated based on 44 metrics that assess its financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, business environment, và digital resonance.

This year"s GSLI report reflects the rising impact of automation & security, A.T. Kearney added a new evaluation category digital resonance, which has the following factors:

Digital skills of the country’s workforce

Legal & cybersecurity

Corporate activity

Digital outputs

The 2019 GSLI overall country rankings indicate that, at a regional cấp độ, Asia continues to dominate the Index. Asian economies represent six of the top seven spots — despite the change in the Index methodology. 


Vietnam giới was ranked top five sầu in top outsourcing locations in 2019

In this year"s report, Vietnam giới remains very attractive sầu in terms of cost with its sizable digital workforce pool available for IT outsourcing and BPO. In general, Vietnam was ranked number five (05) moving up one position since the last report. Big foreign companies in the world continue lớn invest in Vietphái mạnh, showing continued momentum for the ICT industry. Since 2000, Japanese IT companies see Vietnam as the offshore outsourcing solution for their shortage of labor force. Vietphái nam is seen as an attractive sầu alternative lớn Đài Loan Trung Quốc thanks lớn its low cost, a large pool of skilled software engineers, and cultural similarity.

The Vietnamese government is executing an aggressive plan to develop a more highly skilled workforce, & the country is dedicated to lớn higher education and khổng lồ fostering English & Japanese proficiency. English has been taught as a foreign language since elementary school. Japanese, French, và German are also taught as a foreign language in some junior high schools.

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In Digital resonance criteria, Vietphái mạnh was ranked #37 with a score of 3.72 due to its lower score in Corporate activity. In the last few years, more và more investments are coming to Vietnam giới startups.

In Cybersecurity investment, Vietnam was grouped in the Nascent group, in the same group with India, China, Phillipe’s, Indonesia, Đất Nước Thái Lan, Mexiteo, Brazil, Poland, & Russia.

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In summary, Vietnam remains cost attractive with its large outsourcing worker pool, while the legal framework & cybersecurity investment are in the same group with other top outsourcing locations such as India or Indonesia.