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CALVIN KLEIN JEANS: TIMELESS DENIM, JACKETS, SHIRTS, AND DRESSES Effortless and youthful, CALVIN KLEIN JEANS offers iconic designer styling with modern touches. Shop our curated women’s & men’s collections.

Discover fashion-forward women’s jackets + outerwear, slip dresses, sleeveless tank tops, crewnechồng logo t-shirts, hoodie sweatshirts, cropped sweaters, mini skirts and loungewear. Denyên button-down shirts, 5-pocket pants, skinny fit jeans, high waist leggings, boyfriover fit jeans, sculpted skinny jeans, curvy skinny & straight leg womens jeans round out the assortment. Finish off your outfit with polished everyday accessories including leather pouches, backpacks, crosstoàn thân bags, thẻ cases, tote bags and wallets.

Find men’s graphic t-shirts, logo tank tops, crewneck sweatshirts, textured polo shirts, striped henleys, canvas jackets, utility button-down shirts, padded nylon bomber jackets and more. Versatile skinny fit jeans, sculpted slyên ổn jeans, tapered jeans, straight leg jeans and slyên ổn straight mens jeans in a variety of washes and fabrics are a wardrobe essential. Complete any look with campus backpacks, monogram biểu tượng logo duffles, leather briefcases, crosstoàn thân bags, messenger bags, tech-ready máy vi tính bags, canvas tote bags, dopp kits, wallets, hats và more.

Explore the reimagined CALVIN KLEIN JEANS #MYCALVINS collection, shifting the hashtag’s focus from selfies khổng lồ a statement of togetherness and a rallying cry for unity. The campaign’s stars span genres, generations, and cultural milieus, made up of families both born và found. From the kindred musicians who surround creative powerhouse, to an intimate glimpse of the women of perhaps America’s most famous families, and rising stars embodying a patchwork of strong individuals.

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