Getting sub from a Clip or downloading subtitles from YouTube is a way to lớn help us get the entire nội dung of a video clip on the internet.There are many good purposes from this, such as you want lớn memorize a tuy vậy, make karaoke videos or learn English lectures… You can currently download subtitles from YouTube, Facebook, or some Video websites with subtitles in two popular formats, TXT and SRT.Lucid Gen will guide you through 3 ways khổng lồ tải về subtitles from YouTube quickly without using the software.

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Table of contentsHow to lớn tải về subtitles from YouTube using online tool tool

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Download subtitles from YouTube directly

Youtube đoạn Clip sharing platform has supported downloading Clip subtitles directly without using middleware or websites.This makes it easy for us khổng lồ get the subtitles in the desired language in just a few minutes.Find out how below!

A little introduction: Lucid Gen has just launched a tool todownload YouTube videos with 4K HD SD MP3 unique, please refer khổng lồ và save the tool links khổng lồ use.

Step 1:Visit the trang web and search for a Clip you want to get Subtitle.lưu ý, you should choose videos that already have sub-languages ​​that you want to lớn tải về.For example, when you want to lớn get the sub from the Youtube video,We are currently – Son Tung MTP..

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How khổng lồ tải về subtitles from YouTube with DownSub


With just the above sầu simple ways khổng lồ download subtitles from YouTube, you can get YouTube subtitles quickly and completely for không lấy phí.Now use these subtitles to lớn understvà the đoạn Clip, study, or entertain.Don’t forget khổng lồ chia sẻ the article to help your friends know more about this knowledge!