Delegates launch the “Facebook for Vietnam” chiến dịch khổng lồ celebrate the 25th anniversary of VN - US relations on May 24. — Photo courtesy of Facebook

HÀ NỘI — Facebook, in partnership with the US Mission khổng lồ Việt Nam & partners, launched a “Facebook for Vietnam” chiến dịch lớn celebrate the 25th anniversary of đất nước hình chữ S - US relations on May 24.

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The chiến dịch is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive sầu programme designed exclusively for toàn quốc under the social media hashtag #fb4vn.

“Facebook for Vietnam” puts existing và newly created programmes in toàn quốc under one hashtag. Running in toàn quốc from May until December 20đôi mươi and focusing on fivepillars: Innovation, Digital Economy, Safety and Digital Literacy, Cities & Community, the chiến dịch presents Facebook’s contributions và investments that will tư vấn đất nước hình chữ S khổng lồ become a fully digital nation.

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“Facebook is one example of the many UScompanies that play a vital role in the daily lives of Vietnamese citizens – by connecting family & friends, và also serving as a business platform và news source, all of which have been especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations this year, the “Facebook for Vietnam” chiến dịch, which further expands Facebook’s socio-economic development projects throughout the country, demonstrates both Facebook’s & the United States’long-term commitment to lớn the prosperity of cả nước,” said H.E. Mr. Daniel Kritenbrink, USAmbassador lớn nước ta.

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Nguyệt Nguyễn, Country Head of Public Policy, Việt Namat Facebook shared: “nước ta is an important market for Facebook, with a digital economy that is growing at a remarkable pace. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the global economy as well as the local business landscape, especially small and medium businesses that have sầu been heavily impacted. With this campaign, we want to lớn work more closely with the Government, partners, non-profit organisations và others to help toàn quốc quickly recover from the crisis while creating opportunities for people khổng lồ build digital literacy skills, helping businesses grow và creating jobs in the digital economy.”

The “Facebook for Vietnam” chiến dịch will extover Facebook’s activities to more areas & provinces lớn tư vấn Việt Nam’s Industry4.0 goals. It once again reinforces Facebook’s long term commitment khổng lồ the country, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent years, Facebook has collaborated with different partners in Việt Nam to lớn implement projects which promote Việt Nam’s socio-economic growth. They included: “#SheMeansBusiness” và “Facebook Community Boost” which helped train và consult over 10,000 small and medium enterprises in-person, in which nearly 6,500 women entrepreneurs attended our #SheMeansBusiness workshops; và “We Think Digital” which pilot trained 244,813 secondary school students và 1,227 teachers on digital literacy across 13 provinces in đất nước hình chữ S in 2019. — VNS