Twins Fan Face Hashtag On Instagram


FanFace is a functional accessory for everyone from the casual fan to lớn super-fans. The versatile thiết kế allows users lớn wear the sản phẩm in multiple ways including: a face shield, neông chồng gaiter, headband, beanie, ponytail holder, bandana, wristbvà, & more while still showing their favorite

university or team markings. Additionally, the branded kiến thiết of the headwear offers the customer a way to show their colors and spirit in the context of an athletic sự kiện, outdoor activities, or everyday life.

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Jotía started the design process by engaging with consumers, & stakeholders khổng lồ identify the basic ideas behind the product. Through our various retìm kiếm methods we developed a clear position for Fanface sản phẩm in the gaiter market. While understanding the competition and developing a pattern và material combination for long term use, Jocha worked closely with our clients khổng lồ develop a clear name và brvà for the gaiter product.

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Thinking about how consumers would use the hàng hóa, the current market, & insight from our clients, we developed a hàng hóa and brand that would stvà up against competition, và deliver unique, high chất lượng designs for the modern tín đồ.

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With br& elements identified, Joba created an e-commerce experience lớn interact with potential customers. The e-commerce store is a digital experience showcasing the growing line of Fanface products, with Mã Sản Phẩm shots, how to wear, sản phẩm photography and a social truyền thông feed. The online experience shares the FanFace story, & is a clean và cohesive sầu extension of the hàng hóa.

Services incorporated in our digital thiết kế included:

— Motion Graphics & Animation—Wireframing và Prototyping— Responsive sầu Web Design & Development— Social Content Generation