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Facebook người pages aren’t just for large corporations interested in getting involved in social media. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers & other professionals can benefit from having a fan page on Facebook.

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Separate from your personal profile, a Facebook người page is a public protệp tin that lets you chia sẻ your products, services & related information with other Facebook users. Here are some of the biggest reasons you should create a người page today.

12 Reasons You Need a Facebook Fan Page

There isn’t a limit to lớn the number of fans you can have. This makes người pages especially valuable for Facebook users who reach, or are approaching, the 5,000 friend limit.It’s không tính phí.It gives you a way to lớn talk to lớn and get feedbachồng from your target audience, because lượt thích a user protệp tin, you can update your fans with statuses that will appear in the news feed.You can promote events.You can create brvà advocates.You can easily promote it with tools provided by Facebook.The Facebook Pages Insights analytics tool gives you useful information about your fans & their interactions.You can build a community for your clients and prospects.It’s another funnel lớn your trang web.You can add unlimited photos and videos.

5 Easy Steps for Creating a Facebook Fan Page

Step 1: Go lớn

Step 2: Select a category và enter the name for your page (you can phối your người page to lớn be private until you’re ready khổng lồ go live).

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Step 3: Add a picture and become a người.


Step 4: Edit your page settings. This is where you customize your page, including country & age restrictions, wall settings, tabs, tín đồ permissions, & applications.


Step 5: Publish và promote your page. You can promote with a fan box, a Facebook ad, by suggesting lớn friends, on your personal protệp tin and in your other networks.

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Bonus: Once you hit 25 fans, go to lớn lớn create a vanity URL for your page.