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KALAMAZOO, XiaoMI — After serving up schnitzel out of three different kitchens in his first three years as a restaurant owner, Chau Haus chef Frankie Heynig hopes lớn điện thoại tư vấn Oshtemo Township trang chính for years khổng lồ come.

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Heynig, 51, has has been cooking since the age of 7. Growing up in a large German family where he was the youngest of 11, he said cooking in a restaurant was no different for him than cooking at trang chính over the holidays.

And after spending 25 years working as a cook or chef in other people’s kitchens, from Coastal North Carolina khổng lồ Central Florida, Heynig made the move home page to Michigan where he was able to lớn realize his lifelong dream of opening his own restaurant five sầu years ago — located next door khổng lồ the Kalamazoo State Theatre in the city’s downtown area.

After a little more than a year on the Kalamazoo Mall doing extremely high-volume business, Heynig said, he moved the Chau Haus Schnitzel Station inlớn a larger space on Michigan Avenue. Shortly thereafter; however, he was derailed amid seemingly endless construction & roadblocks that, some days, prevented guests from even making it khổng lồ his front door.

“When they tore up downtown there, it really put a damper on business,” Heynig said, recalling one day unlocking the front door lớn find a crater-sized hole in the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

After a brief stop in Schoolcraft, Heynig found what he believes to be his restaurant’s permanent home page.

Heynig’s wife, Mirandomain authority Lee, was a regular performer at the Feed the World Cafe open mic nights. The owner of the cà phê — located where the Chau Haus now stands — said she was getting out of the restaurant business và asked her if she knew anyone that was looking for restaurant space.

Heynig jumped at the opportunity, & by doing so acquired much of what he never had in downtown Kalamazoo — a large parking lot, a patio, a restaurant that can seat 100 (prior to lớn coronavirus restrictions) & plenty of wall space khổng lồ hang his own original art. He also, for the first time, is serving up cocktails and beer.

After surfing the ups and downs of the pandemic’s waves of closings & re-openings, Heynig feels confident Chau Haus has a solid foundation for a future on the western side of Kalamazoo County.

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Priding themselves on making everything from scratch và working with local purveyors, Heynig said they get a lot of their meat from V&V Meats in Kalamazoo và Youz Guys Sausage Co. in Portage. Local brewer Final Gravity even makes an in-house Kölsch for them, which they serve sầu on draft.

The Schnitzel Station is, of course, known for its schnitzel. For those not familiar, it is a “sort of German version of chicken fried steak,” Heynig said. Chau Haus’ schnitzel consists of thinly-pounded cutlets breaded in their house-made bread crumbs, deep fried and served with cabbage and egg noodles, with a mushroom gravy sauce.

The hand-rolled perogies, currywurst, potato pancakes and vegan brats are also popular items. When it comes lớn dessert, it is hard to lớn leave without having some cheesecake, strudel or German Chocolate Cake, Heynig said. Aaron Heynig, Heynig’s son who runs the front of the house, may even be the one serving it.

Right now, the restaurant is serving up traditional German and Polish fare during dinner hours only, as they suffered a wave of layoffs during coronavirus-driven closures — but as soon as more servers are hired they will be open for lunch again as well, Heynig said.

Once more restrictions lift, he said, the restaurant will resume hosting open mic nights on Mondays and offer live sầu music on the patio and indoors on different weeknights as well.

Chau Haus Schnitzel Station, 7000 Stadium Drive sầu, is open from 3-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday & 3-7 p.m. on Sunday.

To make a reservation or for carryout or delivery, Hotline 269-353-66trăng tròn. For more information & to lớn view the menu, go khổng lồ

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