Graph Api Reference V10

I have a Facebook desktop application & am using the Graph API.I am able to get the access token, but after that is done - I don"t know how to lớn get the user"s ID.

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My flow is lượt thích this:

In my redirect page I get the code from Facebook.

Then I persize a HTTPhường request to lớn with my API key & I get the access token in the response.

From that point on I can"t get the user ID.

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How can this problem be solved?



If you want lớn use Graph API lớn get current user ID then just skết thúc a request to:


The easiest way is"xxxxx"then you will get json response which contains only userid.


The facebook acess token looks similar too"1249203702|2.h1MTNeLqcLqw__.86400.129394400-605430316|-WE1iH_CV-afTgyhDPc"

if you extract the middle part by using | to split you get


then split again by -

the last part 605430316 is the user id.

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Here is the C# code lớn extract the user id from the access token:

public long ParseUserIdFromAccessToken(string accessToken) -WE1iH_CV-afTgyhDPc * WARNING: The structure of the access token is undocumented và may not always fit the pattern above. Use it at your own risk.

UpdateDue lớn changes in Facebook.the preferred method to get userid from the encrypted access token is as follows:

try var fb = new FacebookClient(accessToken); var result = (IDictionary)fb.Get("/me?fields=id"); return (string)result<"id">;catch (FacebookOAuthException) return null;