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Did you know Facebook can help you lớn improve your listening skills in just about any language?

I didn’t!

At least not until a few weeks ago when I stumbled across a feature that had been hiding behind a little tab on my Facebook home page screen.

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Recently, I was surprised to lớn find out just how much you, the readers, struggle with listening. In fact, when I asked the question on Facebook, your biggest language-learning problems were Listening and Speaking (they finished almost neông xã và neck!).

We asked: “What language skill vì chưng you struggle with the most?”

So, I took it upon myself khổng lồ try and find some ways to help you improve your listening skills each & every day.

Read on for some practical tips on how lớn use Facebook Live khổng lồ improve sầu your listening skills in another language, while getting a deeper insight inlớn another culture.

Why Facebook Live Videos are a Great Language-Learning Tool

I’m always excited when I find a new tool for learning languages. And, if it connects you with real native speakers, then it’s even better. That’s exactly what Facebook Live does.

Facebook Live Video allows you lớn watch things happening LIVE in another part of the world. You get to lớn watch a different culture through the the lens of someone else’s di động phone or webcam.

With Facebook Live, you can find normal people talking about their problems, celebrities trying lớn connect with their audiences, và news channels sharing the day’s critical stories. That’s really just the start of the nội dung.

Why vày I lượt thích Facebook Live sầu so much as a language-learning tool?

Because it’s real. You get to lớn see real life. In technical language, you’re exposed to lớn a range of audio qualities. Not everything is recorded in a vacuum like a podcast (though podcasts are great too!) or professional YouTube đoạn Clip. Instead you’ll have lớn listen through traffic noise, background conversations và the occasional interruption.

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Finally, you don’t need a lot of time to lớn dip into lớn Facebook Live sầu. It’s informal and much like television you can tune in & out whenever you’re able to lớn.

Okay, so that’s why Facebook Live is a good option. Now let’s dive inkhổng lồ how you can use it.

How khổng lồ Language Hack Facebook Live sầu Video for Language Learning

When you’re on the Facebook homepage at a desktop computer, you’ll see a sidebar filled with all of the Groups, Games & Pages that you’re a fan of. Towards the bottom of that sidebar you’ll find a little section of ‘Apps’. It should look a little something lượt thích this:


Simply clichồng on the Live sầu Video option at the top, và that’ll take you khổng lồ the next step.

Now you’ll find yourself at the Facebook Live sầu Video Dashboard. This is where you can see everyone who is live on Facebook right now. How cool is that?


There are three parts khổng lồ this dashboard that you should know about and I’ll quickly take you through each of them. The first is the ‘main’ video clip that shows up in the top left. This shows people who are live right now based on Pages that you lượt thích or interests that you have:


The second is popular videos from around the world that you can choose from. Here you’ll be able to lớn find videos khổng lồ watch in lots of different languages:


And the final section is the world maps. Each one of these little xanh dots represents someone who is live from that exact location và you can tune in to their feed at just the click of a button:

With this world map, you have sầu – at your fingertips – access to people who are natively speaking their language và talking about different topics. Just hover over a blue dot khổng lồ get a pĐánh Giá and see if it’s something you want to listen to:

The first time I found this I must have sầu spent an hour playing with different live videos. I found a Dutch question-and-answer session, a Japanese shopping channel, a Polish news network and I spent a while brushing up on my German watching an Austrian press conference.

If you really want to challenge yourself you can type in questions và comments, interact with other commenters & build your written skills, too.

More Ways to Use Facebook Live for Language Learning – Hang Out With Me!

Now that I’m familiar with Facebook Live sầu, I’ve started broadcasting my own Facebook Live sầu videos.

Join me on the Fluent in 3 Months Facebook Page for Q&As about language learning, travel tips interviews with other polyglots, and live missions and challenges such as playing video games in other languages.

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Want to lớn make sure you’re the first lớn know when I’ll be running a live sầu event? Then sign up for Fluent in 3 Months gmail updates. I’ll also sover you weekly language learning tips! You’ll see a sign up box beneath this article, or you can join here.

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