5 simple steps to backup your wordpress site


Wondering how to backup your WordPress site? Have sầu you ever lost your WordPress site? Or have you just now lost your site? And you don’t have sầu a WordPress backup site lớn save sầu you? Perhaps you fell victlặng khổng lồ a malicious hacker. Or your trang web just broke after installing a faulty plugin, theme or add-on. Perhaps your hosting failed – the bad dog ate the VPS. It’s scary, right? No, not the dog; losing your site. And you can go crazy if you don’t know what to vày to restore your beloved WordPress site khổng lồ its former glory.

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Well, guess what: You don’t have to sweat one bit with a reliable backup solution in place. All you have sầu lớn is hit the restore button, and Viola! – you’re baông chồng up and running. See what I did there?

In this post, you will learn that backing up your WordPress site is extremely easy. We’ll walk you through the steps for how to lớn create a full backup for your WordPress-based business. Then you can rest easy knowing you have sầu a plan B ready. Take out a pen and some paper, và get phối to own WordPress backups like a boss. Ready? Great, let’s get the ball rolling on WordPress site backups.

What is a WordPress Backup?

A backup is simply a copy of your site that you can reinstall (restore) should something go wrong. It’s a failsafe, precautionary measure that saves you a lot of undue bít tất tay. It’s lượt thích an insurance policy that protects all the effort, time & money you’ve invested in your WordPress site.

What does a WordPress Backup Include?

Now, lớn give you a clearer picture, I will delve sầu further into lớn what constitutes a full WordPress backup. Your WordPress site is made of two components.

The first being your website files i.e. theme/plugin files, scripts, truyền thông etc that make up the structure of your site, & provide functionality.Then second we have a MySquốc lộ database. This stores your blog posts, comments and the options you phối in your WordPress admin area.

Together, these two biến hóa the entirety of your WordPress site.

Why vị I need to Backup my WordPress Site?

A majority of cheap website hosts will talk of offering backups, but all they vì is backup your MySquốc lộ database… if they backup anything at all. They don’t backup your files, which means you can’t recover changes you make khổng lồ your theme for example, if it’s corrupted. It’s also quite the hassle requesting a copy of your trang web from their backups, so its just best khổng lồ backup your site on your own. You know, just khổng lồ ensure everything is safe.

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The full backup we are helping you build here will take care of your files as well as your database. This means should you thất bại your site, you just need to reinstall the backup và your work is done.

That out of the way, let’s create full backups of your WordPress site.

Method 1: Backup WordPress Through Your Hosting


Your first option is lớn simply choose a hosting company that completes full, daily backups of your WordPress site. For example, WP.. Engine Managed WordPress hosting offers automatic daily backups up all of you core WordPress files, themes and plugins, và your database (including all of your media). Plus you can initiate your own backups at any point (like before a major WordPress update, or when changing themes).

If you want to take your hosting provider managed backups to the next cấp độ, log in from time lớn time and tải về your own zip tệp tin copy lớn keep on your own hard drive. You never can be too safe.

Method 2: Backup WordPress Manually

Your WordPress directory contains sub-folders e.g. wp-content, wp-includes etc và files e.g. wp-config.php, theme và plugin files etc required by your WordPress site. The wp-nội dung folder contains all your themes, plugins, cabịt & uploads among muốn other things. You cannot afford to lớn chiến bại this data. The wp-admin carries all the files required by your WordPress admin area, so you can’t afford to lớn đại bại this as well. The wp-includes thư mục contains WordPress core files. This is the folder where all the major WordPress code lives. You definitely don’t want to lớn đại bại this code.

Step 1: Backup Your WordPress Files Manually

To create a copy of your WordPress files, you just need lớn download your entire WordPress directory. How? You can login lớn your hệ thống via cPanel or using a SFTP program.

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Backup via cPanel

This is so easy you can vì chưng it in the time it takes khổng lồ brew a mug of coffee. Here’s the procedure:

Login lớn your web host và navigate to lớn cPanel. For most web hosts, the cPanel is usually the first page you encounter when you loginNavigate to lớn the File Manager, which should lead you to lớn your public_html or Home directoryFrom here, just locate your WordPress directory. This is the thư mục you want to lớn backupUnfortunately, you can’t download the WordPress thư mục in File Manager without first compressing it. Worry not though, compressing a folder needn’t be challengingCliông chồng on your WordPress directory, and select Compress from the menu bar. Alternatively, right-cliông xã on the thư mục và choose Compress from the drop-down options menu that appearsChoose the compression type e.g. ZIPhường., Tar, GZIP etc from the dialog box that opens. I always go with a ZIPhường. archiveThen just hit the Compress File(s) button & wait for the process to lớn run its course. Your server will save your compressed WordPress folderClichồng on the archive sầu you just created và choose Download from the menu. Alternatively, right-click on the archive và choose Download.Choose a secure location on your hard disk & save sầu your backup

And that’s it!