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Facebook has a new hình ảnh sản phẩm and color palette — & that means that broadcasters will likely need to make multiple updates across multiple platforms.

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While these guidelines aren’t “required” — following Facebook’s provided standards as much as possible can bring benefits to lớn your branding since it creates consistent looks that users will become familiar with as the new look rolls out more widely.

Facebook has a new #LogoDesign

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Meanwhile, here is a list of guidelines aimed at TV stations và TV graphic designers based on the Facebook brand guidelines.

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First, & foremost, Facebook’s social truyền thông media app’s new official hình ảnh sản phẩm is the “f” biểu tượng logo in a circle but, during a Nov. 4, 2019 update, changed to also use the full logotype in the brighter shade of blue. Keep in mind that by “app” we’re referring khổng lồ both native điện thoại apps as well as the web app located at

What this means:

Any place you display the Facebook ibé (or full logotype) should likely be updated with the new logo sản phẩm and color as needed.This includes, according khổng lồ Facebook’s brvà standards, any use of the “f” alone or the old version of the “f” inside of a square with rounded corners.Facebook also updated the color of xanh used in its service hình ảnh, but still allows for solid blaông chồng or White when the color is not feasible or desirable.During the Nov. 4 updates, Facebook started showing the full logotype in the “new blue” as representative of the “phầm mềm,” so this appears khổng lồ be acceptable use.

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Places TV stations may need khổng lồ update the hình ảnh sản phẩm and colors:

End creditsTickers or flippersClosing screens with social media iconsOn-phối graphics with the Facebook logoLower third graphics or tickers that mention social media profilesWebsites & appsShare buttons (including any backgrounds that use the old shade)Business cards or other printed materials

Facebook has a br& site that provides detailed guidelines & downloads.

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