Influencer marketing in vietnam


Is the age of the influencer over, or is there still hope for smoothies and beach bods in Vietnam?

More often than not, client-influencer-relations are tricky. Still, influencers are one of the fastest-growing tools for marketing.

By using their pre-existing followers, brands can shove their hàng hóa in new faces in a tactful, targeted way. Kind of.

Influencers may come at a high price, but Vietnam’s youth respond to lớn them. There’s nothing fancier than a pair of trainers making a guest appearance in a music đoạn Clip.


Biti’s Hunter nailed that bit of influencer kinh doanh. But that doesn’t mean just anyone can bởi it.

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When it comes to using influencers, people often complain about wasted money. Those of a positive sầu persuasion will hope their sales magically shoot up.

A celebrity post can cost you a minimum of 25 million VND. For a mid-range KOL, you’re looking at 10-20 million VND. Even a ‘micro-influencer’, is looking for 3-10 million VND per post.

So, is it worth it? What could go wrong? Let’s break it down.

Think long-term

“We’ve been paying some influencers khổng lồ promote our products. Sales went up for about a week, then went down again. We expected customers to keep coming bachồng, but that didn’t happen”.

This is a specific story from a client before we started working with them, but it’s not the first time we’ve sầu heard it.

Their entire marketing strategy was relying on influencers.

Trouble is, one impression isn’t enough for anyone to rethành viên or reengage with a brvà. On average, Josephine Normal Woman sees 5,000 ads per day. How are you making sure yours is the one she remembers?


Throwing your money at influencers won’t work for the long term. Changing your sale strategy will.

Start by asking yourself what your overall goal is. Do you want lớn get sales, collect emails, or grow your social truyền thông media following?

Influencer kinh doanh is a tool, not a strategy. To make them worthwhile, they need khổng lồ be incorporated into lớn a larger marketing strategy.

Inauthentic influencers

Ever seen big names on Instagram tóm tắt doppelgänger content?

We have sầu.

You may also been surprised how often train wrecks like these happen:


The ayên of the social truyền thông game is to lớn appear real. In Vietphái mạnh, Hana’s Lexis is admired for her quirk và wit, while Trang Hý"s grabs her audience with her chất lượng sense of humour (funny faces).

It may cost a bit more for influencers to lớn make their own content, but reality is worth the investment.

You want the audience to believe sầu that this person genuinely likes and uses the hàng hóa. It’s all about building trust.

Don’t look at the numbers

Alright, so you’re going to lớn have sầu khổng lồ look at the numbers khổng lồ figure out what kind of influencer bracket you fall inlớn (celebrity, KOL or micro-influencer).

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Just rethành viên to be wary of them.

In Vietnam giới, you can buy 125 likes for the price of a cup of bobố milk tea (~$2). To prove how easy it is, MediaKix faked 2 Instagram accounts for an experiment. They got two sponsor giao dịch for each account.


Here are a few key points to remember when choosing an influencer:

Is their image and demographic relevant?

Who else vì chưng they work with? Are they competitors?

Do they engage with brands in sponsored posts?

Can you afford them?

Depending on your sale goals there may be many more questions khổng lồ ask, but this is a good starting point.

Is it relevant?

Before picking your influencer, take a look at the bình luận section of their other sponsored posts.

Are the commenters talking about the brvà, or something else?

Take a look at the example below. Don’t worry non-Vietnamese-speakers, we’ll help you out.

The comments bang on about how beautiful the influencer is. She’s writing a sponsored post about an educational service.


What’s the br& getting out of this?

If they’re not interested enough to lớn engage or mention the brand, chances are, it’s not worth it.

Always consider relevancy when it comes to sponsored KOL content. Here are three examples khổng lồ spark your imagination:

What’s the buyer’s journey

Short story: a post is seen on the influencer’s Instagram. They potential customer clicks through to your brand’s account. That potential buyer finds their dream product, shoots you a message and goes from potential customer to lớn customer. Tidy.

Sadly not every journey is so simple. Not everyone lives so vicariously, & will usually spkết thúc a bit of time making a decision.

They’ll go khổng lồ your website, tìm kiếm for nhận xét, or ask for their friend’s opinion before making a purchase.

The same applies to influencer sale.

Brands can rase awareness by working with celebrities in the early stages. Then, when it gets to the decision stage, the audience can find sản phẩm nhận xét or comparisons with brands. That’s when they find videos from your micro-influencers.

Set goals & craft suitable messages và content for each stage. Only then will you get the best out of your influencer marketing chiến dịch.

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So, is it worth the cost? Essentially the answer depends on you.

Behind any successful influencer campaign is a lot of planning and work. Invest in it. When you get your nội dung right, your influencer chiến dịch can’t go wrong.