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A modern business can’t succeed without a professionally looking hình ảnh sản phẩm. A biệu tượng công ty is a major identification tool for any company, regardless of the industry it’s operating in. The days, when the creation of corporate emblems was the prerogative of consummate designers và artists, are long gone


Nowadays, any person has all the necessary tools & guidelines lớn thiết kế a neat emblem. To walk in the designer’s shoes, you don’t need lớn study graphic thiết kế in college or complete a special course. No matter whether you’ve hired a professional or crafted an emblem yourself, you need khổng lồ make sure your biệu tượng công ty (or favicon) fits different contexts, e.g. trang web, social platforms, printed items, và others.From this article, you’ll learn about the correct image dimensions that will drive more traffic to your online nội dung. Don’t miss the chance lớn show your audience what you’re worth!

Logo sizes for social platforms

First of all, let’s clear up why it’s so important lớn use the optimal hình ảnh size on your social truyền thông media pages. If your emblem is smaller than the recommended kích cỡ, it’ll stretch & become grainy (i.e. illegible). If, on the contrary, your biểu tượng logo is too large, it’ll be automatically compressed which will affect its unique in a negative sầu way. Whichever the case, your customers will have sầu trouble discerning what your corporate image is saying.

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We don’t want to lớn stuff up your head with boring details, so you should simply rethành viên that the optimal biệu tượng công ty dimensions for social media pages is 1024 x 512 px. If you stiông chồng with these dimensions, you can rest assured that your images will display correctly across most social truyền thông media platforms. Using the web5s.com.vn tool makes things even more simple. web5s.com.vn offers you several logo versions in different sizes khổng lồ fit the most popular social platforms

For your convenience, we’ve gathered together all image dimensions for the leading social platforms for 20trăng tròn year

Link posts: 1200 x 628 pxImage posts: 1200 x 630 pxCover image: 8đôi mươi х 312 pxProfile image: 170 х 170 p


Image posts: 1024 x 675 pxCover image: 1500 х 500 pxProtệp tin image: 400 x 400 p


Image posts: 1080 x 1080 pxProfile image: 110 x 110 pxStories: 1080 x 19đôi mươi px


Thumbnail image: 1280 x 7trăng tròn pxCover image: 2560 x 1440 pxProfile image: 800 x 800 px


Image posts: 1000 x 1500 pxPin: 236 px widthProtệp tin image: 165 x 165 px


Link posts:1200 х628 pxImage posts:1200 x 1200 pxCover image: 1536 x 768 pxProfile image: 300 х 300 px

Tik Tok:

Profile photo: 200 x 200 pxVideo length: 1080 x 1920 px

To find out how to add a biệu tượng công ty to lớn each social platkhung, don’t ignore this article we’ve sầu carefully prepared for you.

Logo sizes for your website

Once your kiến thiết (PNG, transparent background) is ready, you need lớn upload it to your website.For the most part, 250 px (width) x 100 px (height) are the optimal biểu tượng logo dimensions for a web page. If, however, you need to customize your hình ảnh form size, we know how to lớn vị it!

Below we’ve sầu listed a few hình ảnh sản phẩm dimensions for the two most comtháng layouts.

For horizontal layout:

– 250 px x 150 px– 350 px x 75 px– 400 px x 100 px

For vertical (square) layout:

– 160 px x 160 pxFrom this article, you’ll find out how lớn craft a logofor your blog & add it to lớn your site.

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Favicon sizes for a website

A favicon is a small inhỏ that features your corporate logo sản phẩm, the first letter in your brvà name, or image that identifies your business or trang web.You can employ favicons in the following sizes:– 16 px x 16 px– 32 px x 32 px– 48 px x 48 pxThis insightful article will give sầu you clear recommendations on creating a favinhỏ and uploading it khổng lồ your trang web.


Logo sizes for print

When it comes to printing your corporate image across different surfaces, the main thing is not the size but the format of your biệu tượng công ty. The best vector formats are PDF, SVG, & EPS. Why use vector & not raster? The reason is that a vector biệu tượng công ty (both an entire image and its separate parts) is easy-to-edit. In addition, a vector logo retains its unique when scaled up multiple times, which is very important in printing.

If you have sầu your emblem saved in a vector format, you don’t need to worry which kích thước khổng lồ choose before taking your kiến thiết to a printing office.If you’re using a raster image (read here about the difference between the raster and vector formats), the bigger your image, the better.For this reason, we recommover that you use a 500рх (or more) logo for small print (e.g., souvenirs) and a 1024px biểu tượng logo (or more) for large print.

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How vày I change the form size of my logo?

If you need lớn reform size your emblem, you have several options:– use Photosiêu thị or a similar image editor;– use the web5s.com.vn hình ảnh maker (for web5s.com.vn-generated emblems);– commission a freelance designer.The last option is the easiest one. If you’re not stretched for money, you can find a reliable contractor và ask them khổng lồ customize your hình ảnh sản phẩm form size for a reasonable fee.If you’ve used the web5s.com.vn tools lớn craft your emblem, feel free to lớn further use it to lớn change the dimensions of your artwork. With web5s.com.vn, you can bởi vì everything in one place!If you’re inspired by challenges and want to lớn use image editing software, kiểm tra out this đoạn phim tutorial:

If you’re not comfortable working in image editors, don’t hesitate to lớn seek help from user-friendly online services, such as:

Picrekích thước.comResizeimage.netSproutsocial.com/landscape

We hope that with our practical tips, you’ll be able to lớn successfully use your corporate emblem in a variety of contexts, including a website, social platforms, printed matter, etc. This article features the optimal biểu tượng logo dimensions for different purposes. With web5s.com.vn, re-sizing your design is a matter of a few minutes. Forget about cropped or unreadable images! Your biệu tượng công ty will look beautiful everywhere you choose to lớn display it!

Creating a professional logo sản phẩm is available to lớn everyone.

Trust web5s.com.vn with your corporate identity. Designing an eye-catching biểu tượng logo will only take a few minutes!