Landing pages: what they are, examples, tips, & best practices


What are landing pages? A trang đích is the page a visitor arrives at on your trang web after clicking an ad (for example, a Google text ad or display ad). Inexperienced marketers often direct all of their PPC traffic to lớn their homepage, but this can be a big mistake. Specific landing pages tailored khổng lồ different offers are essential for providing a unique experience for visitors & driving conversions with a targeted message that matches each user’s need.

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But don’t just check off received landingpage best practices. What makes a great landing page? How can you make awesome landing pages that boast off-the-chart conversion rates? We’ll walk you through what you need to lớn know to lớn make it happen.

Before You Build a Landing Page

Before creating your trang đích, first ask yourself…

1. What is the goal? In an ideal world, what would visitors vì upon reaching your landing page? Would they buy something? Fill out a form? Sign up for a newsletter? Download an ebook? Toss aside their keyboard, break out a harmonica, and play a sweet blues rift? The first step for any strategy is determining goals. (You have sầu lớn define conversions before you can traông xã conversions.)

2. Who am I competing against? Really it’s three questions: Who am I competing against, how are they succeeding, & how can I copy their success? Imitation is the sincerest khung of flattery, so if your competitors are doing something that works, you should go ahead & follow likewise. They’ll thank you for it (although that’s not a promise…)!


You can try Kirby. You can try.

3. Who is my audience? And what are their hopes, dreams, và aspirations? As silly as that sounds, it’s true to some degree – the better you underst& your audience, the more you can cater to their wants & needs. Unless you know who your igiảm giá khuyến mãi customers are, it will be very difficult to lớn write persuasive sầu copy in the voice of the customer. So get in your audience’s head, Hannibal Lecter-style.

4. How did they get khổng lồ my landing page? Consider changing your message depending on where your users come from – a different message might be appropriate for users who arrived at your trang đích cần seo coming from Google vs. from Twitter or Facebook. Businesses with more landing pages (30+) generate 7x more leads than those with only a handful, so there’s no denying their value. Ideally you want a tailored trang đích for each ad group, but that’s a pretty hefty operation, so start where you can. Try beginning with one custom landingpage per campaign, and add from there for individual ad groups when resources allow.

How lớn Make Great Landing Pages That Convert

Now that we’ve covered the fundamental pre-landing page questions, let’s discuss how you can make awesome, persuasive sầu landing pages. You can also kiểm tra out podcast episode on this topic! Head to Goal Talk Podcast Episode 13: The Anatomy of a Money-Making Landing Page.

Great landing pages…

Are short, sweet, & uncluttered. A trang đích should offer all the necessary information, but not so much as khổng lồ overwhelm (và as a result, drive away) the visitor. Provide the essential info that will interest your audience and nothing more (kiểm tra out this post for some landingpage inspiration).

Provide high-unique nội dung that inspires confidence. We just discussed how you don’t want to information-smother visitors, but this isn’t to say you should be cheap with your nội dung – on the contrary, provide rich, useful content, so long as it is relevant. Good, confident nội dung inspires trust.

Have sầu all roads lead to lớn Rome. Great landing pages keep careful note of all pathways entering and leaving their page. It’s important that you limit exit points (in this case, hyperlinks) leaving your page. The goal is to lớn funnel visitors down a desired pathway, and if liên kết serve sầu as points of departure from the funnel, they should be used sparingly.


A different, more delicious kind of funnel.(Image from Holder Concessions)

Make it easy khổng lồ convert. The goal is lớn make it as easy as possible for visitors khổng lồ convert, providing as little distance & as few barriers as possible between points A & B. The next step should always be obvious. This strategy varies depending on what your desired conversion is. If it’s khung submissions, make that form a piece of irresistible eye candy. If it’s downloads, make a button that is begging to be clicked.

Have a flawless thiết kế. Information architecture comes inlớn play here, as it’s important for a landingpage khổng lồ have sầu a clear, crisp design that leaves all questions answered without inspiring any new ones. Navigation should be obvious and simple, all required information should be provided, và nothing should come between the visitor & the conversion (aka no pop ups!) If at all possible, visitors should be able to convert in one cliông xã. Let every additional cliông chồng weigh on your conscience lượt thích a heart beating beneath a floorboard.


Very cool Tell-Tale Heart illustration by Daniel Horowitz.

Have sầu a clear Điện thoại tư vấn lớn action. hotline lớn actions can be present in the headline text as well as the button text (example: “submit” vs. “download your miễn phí marketing guide”). There should be no question as lớn what next steps are necessary – tell your visitors exactly what you want them lớn vị in big, bold text. For Kajabi, changing their button text from “See Plans and Pricing” to “Get Started Today” increased conversions by 252%!

Create eye catching headlines. Most good landing pages use the main headline khổng lồ confirm the offer và use a sub heading for more explanation or value proposition (aka why your offer is awesome). An example might be, “Free Facebook Marketing Ebook (headline), Learn how khổng lồ get more Facebook followers, likes, và engagement from our kinh doanh gurus (sub heading).” You’ll see plenty of great trang đích headlines in our examples below, and you’ll see that some invert this so that the value proposition is the headline.

Contain engaging copy. Kiss Metrics suggests using specific “hypnotic” words lớn entrance visitors. Using the word “you” makes your copy feel personal to lớn visitors and allows for intimate conversation. The word “imagine” encourages readers lớn visualize using your hàng hóa and increases desire. Including the word “because” explains to lớn visitors why they should take a specific action. Try these mind-bending words on your trang đích cần seo.

Make it about the visitor. Don’t bore the visitor by talking too much about yourself (this rule can apply lớn so many areas of life). The truth is, visitors don’t care about your goals or your aspirations. They’re only looking out for #1. Showcase what you can bởi for them and how you can improve their life. We are selfish creatures after all.

Make use of video clip where appropriate. Video landing pages can make complex products more accessible & entertain your visitors at the same time.

Have sầu an awesome offer.

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The easiest way to lớn get conversions is to lớn simply have sầu an offer that is incredible. Make sure your offer is enticing enough lớn users và that it is something they actually desire. Broadcast why your offer rocks and you’re good lớn go.

Are easy to lớn scan at a quiông chồng glance. It’s absolutely vital that you visitors can capture the essence of your offer with a quiông chồng glance. It’s estimated that you have sầu about 8 seconds to convince users lớn stay on your page, so value proposition needs to lớn be quichồng and convincing. When building a landing page, make it easy to scan by highlighting your main point in the headline while using sub headings and bullet points for added info. Use fonts và colors to indicate information hierarchy. As Jakob Nielsen notes, your page visitors are wild, frantic animals looking for a quiông chồng meal, so serve it up fast!

Contain relevant, chất lượng images. Bright, eye-catching images make for a more attractive page & a better user experience overall. Consider adding visual cues to lớn clue the visitor in to lớn what they should vày next. You can go the obvious route with arrows, or try something more subtle such as making a bright button the focal point of the page.

Look gorgeous và act classy. Looks may not be everything, but they vị count for something in landing page thiết kế. Why is it that an attractive man can hit it off with a woman using the same line that might dub a less aesthetically pleasing guy a “creeper?” The truth is that, despite what we teach children, appearance alters perception. Your trang đích cần seo should not come off creepy, it should come off super classy. If the visitor is a chichồng in a bar, you want khổng lồ wow her and take her home…. for a riveting game of Scrabble!


Match the corresponding ad text. Great landing pages use the same keywords from the PPC ad text – the connection should be obvious và the continuity reassures visitors that they’re on the right path. Don’t skết thúc someone khổng lồ a page about camping tents if your ad was about sleeping bags. And don’t send them lớn a generic page và make them search for the hàng hóa they were looking for.

Only ask for the information they need. This tip also appears in our post on creating killer "coming soon" landing pages. The more fields you ask visitors to lớn fill out in your size, the less chance you have sầu of them completing your offer. If your conversion requires a khung, get the bare minimum of what you need – you can always ask for more info on the thank you page once the deed is done. While most users don’t have sầu a problem providing their name and email address, asking for info about phone numbers & date of birth can cause your drop off rate khổng lồ skyrocket to 50%. The rule of thumb is not khổng lồ include more than seven fields in your lead gene size on your trang đích.

Use color to their advantage. Any Intro khổng lồ Art student can explain the power of color in swaying human perception. Picasso didn’t go through a xanh phase because he was such a happy-go-lucky guy.


Does this look lượt thích a painting by someone who is loving life?

Interior thiết kế books will often suggest different colors for various rooms & moods – energizing red for a dining room khổng lồ inspire dynamic conversation, yellow for a cheerful, relaxed kitchen. This same color theory should be implemented into lớn your site thiết kế. Many marketers clayên ổn that certain button colors like green or red increase trang đích conversions, but ultimately you want lớn focus on the contrast of the button color in relation to your background color. Paul Olyslager has a nice guide on CTA buttons worth checking out. Test various colors, placements, & sizes khổng lồ see what works!

Have clickable cốt truyện buttons. Many people are more than happy to post about a recent purchase or giới thiệu a resource they have found helpful. Adding chia sẻ buttons increases your chances of getting your content shared across the social space, và great landing pages make generous use of these buttons. It’s also smart to add social buttons to the thank you page, since users will be more likely to lớn cốt truyện your great offer with others after they’ve signed up themselves. As an added bonus, showing your “likes” và follows can also serve sầu as a word-of-mouth endorsement.

Show raving testimonials. Word-of-mouth has been và always will be a driving force of success. Virtual word-of-mouth comes in the form of Likes, +1s, và online customer testimonials (preferably from trusted sources like big brvà names). If your business has received some shinning compliments in the past, be sure to lớn showcase them.

Are di động friendly. Having a site that plays nice with điện thoại devices can double your conversions. If you want to learn more, kiểm tra out our guide to creating mobile-friendly websites.

Follow-up with a thank you page. The thank-you page is a great way to lớn guide visitors to other related material on your trang web that they may be interested in. Providing this added info in the initial landingpage would have been distracting và could have sầu led visitors away from making a conversion. However, now that you’ve sealed the khuyến mãi, the thank-you page is the perfect place khổng lồ suggest related products, guides and information your audience may find helpful, or links to other parts of your site, such as your company blog.

Pholớn by Jason Goulding

Have been through many rounds of A/B testing. Testing & correction is how we learn and better ourselves. A/B testing your landingpage (tweaking individual elements and seeing how they persize against the previous setup) is probably the most powerful tool in creating excellent landing pages. Not sure where khổng lồ start? Signal vs. Noise provides a nice example of good A/B testing that’s an easy read. There are always things you can vày khổng lồ improve sầu, so don’t ever stop testing!

Treat visitors like wild animals. It sounds crazy but it’s true – your page visitors are frantic creatures looking for a quiông xã and easy meal. They key is to lớn make your page easily scanable with your main point in your headline while using sub headings, bullet points, and various fonts & colors lớn indicate information hierarchy.

Have conversion tracking turned on. At we talk a lot about the importance of conversion tracking, and it’s one of the best practices we advocate in our new Landing Page Grader. Make sure you are properly phối up to lớn track how your pages are performing. Otherwise you’ll be spending money in the dark.

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21 Examples of Great Landing Pages

We’ve got some examples of great landing pages khổng lồ better illustrate what makes a successful landingpage that drives conversions.

Social Sprout (featured in our guide khổng lồ social media management tools) is another example of a powerful trang đích cần seo. It has a few elements that are really working in its favor, such as:

Svào heading that explains what Social Sprout is, with no nonsense.Visually attractive sầu kiến thiết that highlights the aesthetics present within the software itself via screen shotsTestimonials present in the bottom green barGreen trial button is centered and dominates the page, with an enticing CTA và a “no credit card required” note below the button for added encouragement

Pinterest’s approach is different in that they don’t spover much time explaining what Pinterest is, since they can assume most people have already heard of them. Instead, a different example of Pinterest’s value is shown with each visit khổng lồ the site, with a broader explanation of Pinterest (find và save all the things that inspire you) that sits below the main headline. What is Pinterest doing right here?

Easy lớn get started – just click one of two buttonsPinterest highlights how easy it is to lớn sign up, saying that it takes only 45 seconds