Why your rabbit doesn't eat hay


Sometimes, our small pets can act like children. They can be picky eaters, and lượt thích children, they are drawn khổng lồ foods that taste better but aren"t necessarily good for them. This includes foods that are sweeter in taste or foods that smell interesting but aren"t okay lớn eat. 

Just lượt thích a child, if you give your rabbit the option to eat more tasty treats versus their nutritious tuyệt they will choose the treats 99.9% of the time. Being given this option may be the reason why your rabbit doesn"t eat tốt. If this is true then how vì chưng you get your rabbit to lớn eat their hay instead?

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With any pet, it is always good lớn start healthy habits when you first get them. This is not only good for you, ensuring that your pet is getting the best care possible, but to lớn help prohibit bad behaviors from ever starting.

A rabbit"s diet should be at least 80% grass xuất xắc, but if they"ve never been introduced to lớn tuyệt then they can be resistant to it. Especially if all you are feeding them is pellets, fruits, and maybe some veggies. The reason that tuyệt is essential to a rabbit"s diet is because it helps them lớn maintain a healthy digestive sầu tract và helps to prevent a whole stack of health issues that come with an unhealthy digestive sầu tract. 

BUT, if you"ve always fed your adult rabbit Timothy Hay (or another grass hays such as Orchard or Mountain Grass) then they will form the habit of eating it. You can still feed your rabbit pellets, fruits, & veggies in addition to their xuất xắc. You"ll just need khổng lồ become knowledge about how much you"re suppose to give them. 

Cage Set Up

If your little bun is neglecting khổng lồ eat their tốt & not even touching their water, it may be the way you mix up their cage. 

Rabbits typically poop while eating so placing the tuyệt rack above the litter box will positively reinforce them to lớn eat while using the bathroom. You"ll also want to lớn make sure that the hay is fresh & not moldy, wet, or dusty.

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They won"t and shouldn"t eat hay that looks unappealing. While the best giỏi for rabbits is Timothy Hay, you can also feed them Orchard Grass or Mountain Grass as long as it is fresh and high unique. You"ll also want khổng lồ watch their water bowl, making sure it is always full of clean water. Making sure lớn dump out any water that has any remnants of hay, fruits or veggies, or poop in it. 


It is important khổng lồ know your rabbit’s routine so you can detect if something is medically wrong with your rabbit. For example, if your rabbit is really healthy, eats Timothy Hay, a small handful of pellets, & their favorite treats are a few raspberries, you would recognize when they aren’t eating or not eating as much as normal.

Rabbits are good at hiding when they are siông chồng or injured because they are prey animals. When you see that your bunny’s appetite has changed, you know that you need to act quickly. Try giving them their favorite treat & if they still don"t want lớn eat then you know to lớn Điện thoại tư vấn the vet immediately. Rethành viên that pets can"t speak so we need lớn take the time khổng lồ understvà them in order khổng lồ protect them. 

If you aren"t making sure that your rabbit is eating at least 80% grass hay, then you could be the reason why your rabbit is overweight, has healthy issues, or more. We know that you want what"s best for your rabbit, so begin changing their diet, & habits, now. 

A rabbit"s diet should be made up of at least 80% grass hay with quality pellets, fruits, and vegetables as treats. For a more specific rabbit diet tailored to your bun clichồng here for the Adult Food Calculator. Based on your little bun"s weight you"ll see how much pellets, fruits, và vegetables they can have! 

Now that you know your rabbit needs more tuyệt in their diet it"s time lớn purchase some! If you already know what type of tuyệt you want khổng lồ buy, you can head over lớn our store và get it shipped straight khổng lồ your door. If you still aren"t sure what kind of grass hay to feed your rabbit you can tải về our Hay is for Rabbits eBook below. You"ll learn all about the different types of hay, the best ones to lớn feed your rabbit based on their age, allergies, và more! 

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