PHPRunner comes with a built-in web VPS. However, you may want lớn install your website server. This page explains how to lớn install a local website VPS (XAMPP) and configure PHPRunner lớn use it.

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XAMPP is a không lấy phí package that includes an easy-to-setup website server (Apache), database hệ thống (MySQL), & a server-side scripting language (PHP). More about XAMPP..

This guide uses Windows 10 64-bit và XAMPPhường v7.3.5.

Download XAMPP

•Visitải về.html.

•Download XAMPP Installer for Windows.

Install XAMPP

Note: if you are running the Skype VOIP. application, or if you are running IIS Server, you may need to exit them before proceeding.

1. Run the installer.

2. You can select lớn install Apabịt and MySquốc lộ as services, which makes them start automatically every time you start Windows. That allows other applications you may have sầu, such as an IIS server, khổng lồ run simultaneously.

If you don"t choose this option, you need lớn use the XAMPP Control Panel application khổng lồ start the servers individually each time you need them. This may be desirable if you don"t intkết thúc to lớn use your servers that often.



4. XAMPP installation starts. After it is complete, click Finish.

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5. Next, you are prompted khổng lồ start the XAMPPhường Control Panel, which can also be opened by selecting Start » All Programs » XAMPP » XAMPPhường Control Panel, or by running C:xamppxampp-control.exe. This tool lets you start & stop the various servers installed as part of XAMPP.. If Apađậy and MySquốc lộ were installed as services, select No. Otherwise - run the XAMPPhường Control Panel.


The XAMPPhường Control Panel is used to control and monitor the status of services that XAMPPhường has installed. It is recommended to tun it as Administrator.

When the control panel is running, the following ibé is visible in your system tray

. Double-clicking this inhỏ brings up the Control Panel.


If you see a red X under Service - that means the module is not installed as a service. In that case, you need to lớn start and stop them manually. Cliông chồng Start lớn run the modules.

Go to lớn http://localhost/ in the browser. If you are directed to lớn a page with the XAMPP. biệu tượng công ty, your installation was successful.

You can add or edit the files in C:xampphtdocs lớn change what you see at http://localhost/. Right after installation, this thư mục contains all the files for the XAMPPhường welcome web page. You can remove sầu or back up these files so that they vày not conflict in any way.

The XAMPP configuration interface is available at http://localhost/xampp/index.php và is located at C:xampphtdocsxampp.

Note: To sover emails via PHPhường, you need khổng lồ modify the php.ini tệp tin. It is stored at C:xamppphp. Change the line sendmail_from = me to sendmail_from = your_email_address.

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When connecting lớn MySQL, type localhost in the Host/Server name (or IP) field and root in the User field. Leave sầu the Password field blank.