Facebook is the world’s largest social truyền thông platkhung with more than 2 billion monthly active sầu users. That’s why there are many WordPress Facebook plugins that can help you maximize your online presence.

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In this article, we have hand-picked the best WordPress Facebook plugins lớn grow your website và get more traffic.


Editor’s Note: If you’re looking for chatbot or messenger bot plugins, then please see our danh mục of the best chatbot software for small businesses.

1. Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed Pro


Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed Pro is the best Facebook plugin for WordPress. It lets you connect your WordPress site khổng lồ your Facebook account with the cliông chồng of a button.

With Custom Facebook Feed Pro, you can easily add your Facebook posts to lớn any WordPress post, page, or sidebar. It comes with multiple layout choices with easy khổng lồ use styling options.

You can take full control of your feed. You can choose to hide things like comments, likes, reactions, & shares.

It supports multiple feeds, so you can use them in different areas of your site. This plugin works with both Facebook pages and groups and helps you drive more engagement towards your Facebook community.

You can also use it lớn display your Facebook user Review, embed your Facebook photo albums, create a carousel, và more.

Note: There’s also a miễn phí Facebook Feed plugin by Smash Ballon with limited features that you can use.

2. RafflePress


RafflePress is the best contest and giveaways plugin for WordPress. It lets you easily run a conkiểm tra where people need to take specific actions to lớn enter.

Contests are one of the fasthử nghiệm ways to lớn get a ton of likes & engagement for your Facebook page. RafflePress comes with a built-in giveaway template for growing your Facebook page.

To enter your conkiểm tra, people will need khổng lồ visit your page on Facebook and/or view one of your posts or videos.

It comes with a drag and drop conchạy thử builder where you can simply add actions and assign them different numbers of entries into lớn the conthử nghiệm.

You can also use it with other popular social truyền thông platforms like Twitter & Instagram, or run giveaways lớn grow your tin nhắn list.

RafflePress lets you easily draw a winner, too. In fact, you even get a liên kết to gmail the winner from inside the ứng dụng itself.

3. Shared Counts


Shared Counts is one of the best social truyền thông media plugins for WordPress. It allows you lớn easily add social sharing buttons lớn your WordPress posts. This includes buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, và more.

It is highly optimized for speed & performance and can accurately show shares count for different social sites. It even comes with multiple button styles. This means you can choose the style that looks best on your site.

4. Pixel Cat – Conversion Pixel Manager


Pixel Cat – Conversion Pixel Manager allows you to add Facebook retargeting px to your WordPress site. This pixel allows you to lớn show customized ads to lớn Facebook users who have visited your trang web.

Pixel Cat also helps you traông xã WooCommerce customers và show them better ads in their Facebook feed.

There’s also a Pro version that gives you extra power & flexibility.

5. Social Review and Recommendations


Social Đánh Giá & Recommendations lets you display Facebook page Đánh Giá on your WordPress trang web. It comes with an easy lớn use widget that allows you lớn connect your trang web to your Facebook page and display Facebook users’ đánh giá.

This helps you add social proof to lớn your website & build trust in your br&. The không tính phí version works fine, but you will need to lớn pay for the ‘Business’ version khổng lồ display Review in the Schema.org rich snippets format.

6. Facebook Page Like Widget


Facebook Page Like Widget allows you to lớn easily add a Facebook page plugin to your blog’s sidebar. It is extremely easy to lớn use và comes with a shortcode that you can use to lớn display the Facebook Like box anywhere on your website.

It comes with the same customization options as the mặc định Facebook page plugin. You can show or hide protệp tin pics, include your page cover, customize width & height, và select language.

7. Nextover Social Login và Register


Nextend Social Login and Register plugin allows users to register and login on your trang web using their social profiles. It supports login with Facebook, Google, & Twitter.

This plugin works seamlessly with the mặc định WordPress login và registration forms. Users have the option to use Facebook or use the default signup method. Once registered, a user can disconnect their social account at any time by visiting their user protệp tin page inside the admin area.

8. WPhường Social Comments


WP.. Social Comments lets readers comment on your site with their Facebook tài khoản. They have the option lớn mô tả their bình luận on their Facebook profile too, which can help bring new visitors khổng lồ your site.

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It’s easy to phối up the plugin và make tweaks. For instance, you can choose a light or dark color scheme, mix the comments khổng lồ be ordered with top comments first, or with the newest or oldest comments first.

You can also change how many comments show and what types of nội dung have sầu Facebook comments enabled. However, to add Facebook comments to lớn pages, you’ll need to lớn use a shortcode.

If you mix up a Facebook App ID, you can also moderate comments through Facebook.

9. Social Snap


Social Snap lets you automatically post your nội dung to Facebook. You can use it for other social truyền thông media sites as well, including Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It doesn’t just work for your new nội dung, either. You can also use Social Snap khổng lồ automatically re-tóm tắt older content. That way, you can drive sầu more traffic khổng lồ content you’ve sầu created in the past.

Social Snap also lets you add social liên kết to lớn your posts & pages và display follower counts. This can be a great form of social proof & can help grow your Facebook following.

Bonus: All in One SEO


All in One SEO is one of the best WordPress SEO plugin on the market. It has a huge range of features that let you optimize your nội dung lớn rank higher in search engines.

Although it’s not a social truyền thông plugin, we’ve included it as a bonus on this danh sách for one very important feature. All in One SEO lets you add xuất hiện Graph metadata to lớn your nội dung. This means you have more control over how your content displays when it’s shared on Facebook.

Using All in One SEO, you can phối a custom image thumbnail lớn appear alongside your content on Facebook. You can even give sầu your nội dung a different title or mô tả tìm kiếm to use on Facebook. Most importantly, it fixes the incorrect thumbnail issue on Facebook.

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We hope this article helped you discover the best WordPress Facebook plugins to lớn grow your blog. We also recommend going through our proven tips to drive sầu traffic khổng lồ your WordPress site, and our comparison of the best email sale services to lớn connect with your readers.

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