20+ Best Wordpress Social Media Share Plugins

“You need to get on Facebook”. How many times have you heard that about your business? It may get a bit annoying, but Facebook is an essential part of connecting with users & getting nội dung out to the masses.

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Whether you have a huge following already or not, it’s also important lớn find the best WordPress Facebook plugins to tư vấn your business page & prompting followers to lớn giới thiệu content.

Why You Should Consider Using WordPress Facebook Plugins

The purpose of Facebook plugins varies, considering some of them are for sharing, some of them for building follow counts, & some for showing pictures. Here are some advantages of installing a Facebook plugin in the first place:

The nội dung can be revealed to lớn give sầu people a sneak peek of what’s being posted.Some of the plugins allow users to giới thiệu your blog posts and pages with other users on Facebook.You may need lớn adjust the sizing of images & change nội dung on shared posts.It’s possible you need a small widget khổng lồ place a Like button on your page.You can boost your SEO through Facebook.You can even provide customer service through Facebook.Some Facebook plugins make your trang web more visual with picture galleries.

A Word of Warning When Working with Facebook Plugins

In addition, Facebook could have sầu server issues that could bring down your site or show errors if Facebook takes too long lớn respond lớn the prompt from your plugin.

What should you bởi lớn avoid this?

You could take a risk và hope that everything goes well, but Smash Balloon has a nice tutorial that helps you almost completely avoid all issues with Facebook. The tutorial walks you through how to create a developer account on Facebook along with an phầm mềm. This allows you lớn side-step some of the problems you may encounter.

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How lớn Add the New Facebook Page Plugin in WordPress

Facebook actually has its own option for adding a little widget to your WordPress site. If you’d lượt thích to go this route, here are the steps khổng lồ get it done:


Adding Facebook plugin

Choose which tabs you would like to appear on the widget.Adjust details like the width and height of the widget.Choose other settings like the kích thước of the header, cover photo, and if you should show friends.Click on the Get Code button.

Facebook then reveals two bits of code for you khổng lồ copy and paste inkhổng lồ your WordPress site. Copy the first one and paste it into the header.php tệp tin of your child theme or regular theme. Locate the tag và paste the code right after that.

The second code snippet can be pasted anywhere on your website you want the module lớn appear. Feel miễn phí to lớn put it in a post or page or consider including it in a text widget so that it is displayed on all sidebars or footers.

The Best WordPress Facebook Plugins to Choose From

If you don’t lượt thích the look of Facebook’s own integration, or if you need a more chất lượng tool (lượt thích Facebook sharing buttons), take a look at some of our favorite WordPress Facebook plugins below.

1. Widget for Social Page Feeds

The next Facebook plugin we lượt thích is called Widget for Social Page Feeds. Similar to lớn Smash Balloon, this plugin brings your Facebook feed on your trang web. However, it’s in the khung of a simple widget. Some people prefer shortcodes, whiles others wouldn’t know what to lớn vày without widgets. So, if you have sầu plenty of widgets on your trang web already, this might be a great solution for you.

In short, you can go to lớn your Widgets section of the WordPress dashboard & implement the module in places lượt thích your footers, headers, & sidebars. It’s a simple process that takes no more than a minute. Simply connect your Facebook page và activate the widget in the location of your choice.


Widget for Social Page Feeds WordPress plugin

Widgets are often far more lightweight than other alternative display options. That’s definitely the case with the Widget for Social Page Feeds plugin. A basic box is revealed that contains some of your most recent posts. After that, you have plenty of settings for hiding và showing certain posts and changing items lượt thích the header, language, và width.

Shortcodes are also available in this Facebook widget plugin, so you have sầu the best of both worlds. Oh yeah, & it’s completely không tính tiền without any prompts to lớn pay for upgrades!

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Facebook Plugins?The plugin has a primary feature that displays your entire Facebook feed (part of it) on WordPress. This is all done with the help of a lightweight widget.The configuration takes seconds, asking for your Facebook Application ID và page URL.Widget customization settings include dimensions, languages, covers, titles, & more.You can include buttons for liking the page and sharing with other people on Facebook.There are several options for adjusting the number of posts showing up on the Facebook feed. For instance, you may want lớn hide some of your posts that aren’t relevant anymore or even remove the cover completely.The customer tư vấn is known for being rather responsive.Who Should Consider This Facebook Plugin for WordPress?

The end result of the Widget for Social Page Feeds plugin isn’t much different than that of Smash Balloon. However, this plugin provides a far more lightweight solution with minimal settings. That way, you can almost instantly get your Facebook posts on your website and not have sầu to lớn worry much about customization. Having the option of both shortcodes & widgets is also a nice plus.

2. Nextend Social Login và Register

Nextkết thúc Social Login and Register generates an area on your WordPress trang web for new users khổng lồ create profiles with their already existing social profiles. Current users can also come bachồng and login with those same credentials. Facebook is included in the list of social networks, so what someone has khổng lồ vị is simply cliông chồng on the “Login With Facebook” button & be logged into lớn their tài khoản. After that, the work is done for them by creating a quiông xã profile on your trang web.

Several other social login buttons are available such as Google & Twitter. The benefit of having a tool lượt thích this on your trang web is that users no longer have sầu to go through the tedious process of creating a new account. This typically speeds up the process and increases the number of users you have sầu on your site. It’s particularly important for membership sites và online communities where user profiles are required or you need users to lớn register quickly.


Nextover Social Login & Register WordPress plugin

The free version is robust enough for small businesses, offering login widgets & shortcodes, editable buttons, & Facebook protệp tin pictures. You can buy the Pro Addon for $50 or $200 if you’d like 10 domain licenses. The premium plugin provides some interesting features such as a WooCommerce integration, additional providers lượt thích LinkedIn, & several login layouts.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Facebook Plugins?There’s a không lấy phí version with just about all the features most businesses will need. The Facebook login button is provided in the miễn phí version.Both shortcodes and widgets are offered for those who prefer working with one or the other.Several other social logins are available such as Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.Custom redirect URLs are possible once someone creates an account with their Facebook protệp tin information.All social buttons are customizable và translatable.WooCommerce compatibility is available in the premium version.You can opt lớn have sầu users still type in their gmail addresses và usernames with their social profiles.Quite a few login layouts are available for testing out the configuration of your social login.Different icons và buttons come with the plugin.You can assign specific user roles when someone signs up on your website. You might also consider restricting user roles depending on who logs inkhổng lồ your trang web.Who Should Consider This Facebook Plugin for WordPress?

If you run a membership site, lượt thích a diễn đàn, community, gated-nội dung site, or similar a Facebook login is a must-have khổng lồ improve your subscriber rates.

3. Shared Counts – Social Media Share Buttons

One of the quickest ways to get the word out about your online products or blog posts is to lớn implement social sharing buttons on your website. This way, users read a blog post, then click on the Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest giới thiệu buttons to let other people know about it. The Shared Counts plugin allows you khổng lồ implement this functionality on your own WordPress website.

Not only does the plugin provide sharing buttons, but it counts the number of shares from each network. This way, a user sees how many other people lượt thích the page, giving you some social proof.

Although we’re primarily concerned about getting a Facebook share button on your site, there are also several other social sharing buttons included:

Facebook.Twitter.E-Mail.Yummly.E-Mail sharing.Printing.LinkedIn.

Shared Counts WordPress plugin

Much of the reason Share Counts is so popular is because the buttons look great on all themes and they load faster than some of the other competitors we’ve sầu tested. It’s all a lightweight package with multiple style options to lớn match your brand. The entire plugin is free for you lớn use, và there are no additional charges for upgrades or extensions.

Having said that, there are a few add-ons, such as a Pinterest image upload và a caching status. Both of these are không lấy phí as well, but you must pull the files from GitHub và install the files on your site manually.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Facebook Plugins?Within a few minutes, you get social sharing buttons for improving your reach và getting people khổng lồ talk about your product pages and blog posts.There’s no payment required. The plugin is entirely không tính tiền, including the add-ons.Choose from a wide variety of colors, buttons, & layouts. For instance, some of the layouts are slimmer, while others are rounded and bigger.The button module displays how many shares you’ve received from social truyền thông networks. This way, people see your content as popular.You receive sharing buttons for options like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, và even Pinterest pictures.The buttons are lightweight & fast, minimizing lag on your website.The plugin retrieves old HTTP. shares that the page may have had before. This way, you don’t thua the social proof you’ve built up from before.Styling can be completed for changing around things lượt thích where the buttons will show up in your blog posts.You can utilize a shortcode lớn ensure that all of your social sharing buttons are appearing in the right places.Who Should Consider This Facebook Plugin for WordPress?

Sometimes there’s no reason for you to install a plugin lượt thích this because your WordPress theme already provides social sharing buttons. Page builders also typically have modules for these. However, if your blog posts, hàng hóa pages, và other pages on your website lachồng social sharing tools, install Share Counts.

4. WP2Social Aukhổng lồ Publish

WP2Social Aulớn Publish turns your blog post publication into an automated task by linking lớn your blog and sharing directly lớn Facebook after publication. The plugin features customizable formats & content options, with tools for changing things like the title & description of your Facebook post.

You get to lớn choose which of your published WordPress posts goes to Facebook. After that, you can decide to add an image, attachment, or link to the post.


WP2Social Auto Publish WordPress plugin

As mentioned, you have sầu settings for choosing the posts that should be sent to Facebook. This is done with the help of filter items. For instance, you can filter based on category or custom post types and only have those published from WordPress lớn Facebook. What’s cool is that you don’t only have khổng lồ cốt truyện blog posts. You can run your social strategy from your dashboard by posting to lớn Facebook with simple text, link, images, và more.

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As with many of the Facebook plugins we’ve sầu outlined so far, The WP2Social plugin is also miễn phí.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Facebook Plugins?WP2Social is easily installed and features a simple interface for enabling the auto-publication of your nội dung to lớn Facebook.Both pages and posts can be published from your WordPress site to Facebook. You can also add your own regular text or image posts.There are a few chất lượng features such as adding a credit link for the photographer and enabling premium ads.You receive a log of all Facebook posts shared with your followers.You have sầu options for adding attachments or links khổng lồ the Facebook post.Each message you send out is fully customizable, with options for changing around things lượt thích images and text.Each shared post has certain elements that are able lớn be shown on the Facebook post. Some of these include post titles và descriptions.Who Should Consider This Facebook Plugin for WordPress?

Automatically publishing your blog posts and new trang web pages on Facebook is a little tricky for some organizations. For instance, you shouldn’t be sharing the majority of your site pages. It wouldn’t make any sense khổng lồ put your “About Us” page on Facebook every time you update it. So, if you don’t have sầu a blog, you should probably forget about this plugin.

However, we recommend it for all companies and individuals with blogs. It’s important lớn remember that you’ll want evergreen content being shared automatically, since a post about a new software release you had three years ago doesn’t make sense.

5. Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat

Live sầu Chat with Messenger Customer Chat is a plugin that connects your WordPress site with Facebook Live sầu Chat. More and more companies are starting lớn provide customer support through the Facebook chat module (or other chat plugins).

The benefits of adding this plugin include the fact that billions of people are on Facebook. You’re more than likely going to find new customers on Facebook, so why not answer questions on there? Also, you have the opportunity to lớn quickly chia sẻ hàng hóa information, social buttons, and Review in the chatbox. It’s all a nice package for providing the best customer service.

The plugin is made by Zotabox, so most of the time you’ll see the tool called by that name. This is only a premium solution. You can chạy thử it out for 14 days but after that, you need to choose a payment plan. It’s not as cheap as most Facebook plugins, but it does have some excellent features for expanding upon the functionality of your Facebook Chat module.

The pricing starts at $9.99 per month for the Starter Package. The price goes up if you need more than 1,500 push notifications or more websites supported. Keep in mind that Zotabox is far more than a live sầu chat tool. It offers more of a suite, with tools for contact forms, social buttons, & banners.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Facebook Plugins?Zotabox lets you quickly reply to Facebook Live sầu Chat messages on the dashboard.Chat history is available for you lớn check baông chồng on previous conversations.You can chat with customers through the Messenger Smartphone ứng dụng.Feel không lấy phí to lớn customize the look & feel of your chatbox, with changes to sizing, colors, icons, và buttons.The plugin has a field for adjusting the welcome message when users try lớn contact you through Facebook.You have sầu options for targeting certain customers with your chatbox. For example, you may decide to lớn only have it show up on certain pages or based on where a person is located.You can take advantage of push notifications, which collect subscribers on your trang web và skết thúc out messages to them. Social buttons are available for getting more people to lớn cốt truyện your nội dung và lượt thích your pages.You can pull social Reviews from places like Facebook lớn show your customers how great your products and services are.Several social sản phẩm điện thoại tools are included so that your customers can reach out to you through Facebook on their phones. You can also chat with the users on your own devices.Who Should Consider This Facebook Plugin for WordPress?

Consider Zotabox if you’d lượt thích a full suite of tools lớn go along with your Facebook Live sầu Chat module. If you’re looking for a free plugin for this, simply skip it.

6. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO may not seem lượt thích a Facebook plugin lớn some, but it actually has some excellent features for improving your Facebook posts from WordPress. A big part of the idea behind Yoast is to attract more visitors from SEO organic traffic but also from social networks. It does this by optimizing your posts và ensuring that your content is appealing when shared on Facebook and other networks.

Many Yoast SEO users take the không tính phí version & see incredible results by improving their search engine optimization on WordPress pages và posts. It allows you to lớn target certain từ khóa và check readability statistics, just lớn name a few of its SEO tools. Overall, Yoast focuses primarily on SEO, & that includes also helping people find your nội dung through Facebook.

The không tính phí version of this plugin is most likely going lớn work well for most companies. However, in order lớn get the best Facebook features, you need lớn upgrade khổng lồ the premium version. The premium plugin starts at $89 for one site và goes up to around $750 for 10 sites.

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Once you sign up for the premium version, you’ll gain access khổng lồ some interesting Facebook features such as social preview so that you know what your nội dung is going khổng lồ look like when users mô tả on Facebook. You can also liên kết up lớn WooCommerce for improving the social and tìm kiếm engine optimization for that.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Facebook Plugins?The premium version has some excellent features for ensuring that your social posts look good. For instance, you want lớn make sure that the featured image looks right before users start sharing the post.Yoast has the ability to optimize unique elements for SEO và social networks. These include news articles, local pages, & videos.The primary SEO area is where you can configure your metadata. This is essential for Facebook since your titles & descriptions are also shown along with the featured image.The plugin has a readability score, telling you how well you’re writing & if it’s going khổng lồ be easy for users lớn sift through your nội dung.Yoast provides top-notch customer tư vấn, especially for paying customers.It’s a complete SEO suite, with some extra features for things like insights, recognizing the best từ khoá, and recommended internal liên kết.Who Should Consider This Facebook Plugin for WordPress?

Without a doubt, Yoast is one of the first plugins you should install after creating a WordPress trang web. It’s a must-have sầu tool for anyone trying khổng lồ gain traction with the tìm kiếm engines, such as Google and its alternatives. It’s also nice because while you optimize for the search engines you’re also making Facebook posts look nice if people choose khổng lồ tóm tắt your articles.

7. Thumb Fixer for Social Media

One of the most annoying problems when sharing a post from WordPress to lớn Facebook is when an image thumbnail either doesn’t appear on Facebook, it’s too small, or simply distorted. That’s where the Thumb Fixer for Social Media plugin comes into lớn play. This gem ensures that the image on Facebook is only being pulled from the WordPress featured image. This way you won’t kết thúc up with another random image from that same page.

There is no fee khổng lồ use the plugin và it only takes a few moments to lớn configure và start working with it. In general, the process works by specifying which post và page types you’d lượt thích to lớn have adjusted for Facebook. After that, all of the shared posts will have sầu the right content and some good-looking featured images.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Facebook Plugins?It’s always free without any prompts to pay for add-ons or other features.The plugin runs primarily in the background so you don’t have sầu lớn bởi vì anything.The minimal configuration is done right after installation và then you don’t have sầu khổng lồ think about it again.The plugin detects that certain pages are not properly showing thumbnail images when shared on Facebook. Then, it corrects this by choosing the featured image & making it the right size for sharing.It supports several types of content, such as your homepage, posts, pages, & more.Who Should Consider This Facebook Plugin for WordPress?

Although this is a highly functional plugin for some, there’s no reason lớn install it if you have no problem with your Facebook thumbnail images. However, if you find that your images are wrong, missing, or not sized properly on Facebook, consider downloading and installing the Thumb Fixer for Social Media plugin.

8. Simple Like Page Plugin

The Simple Like Page Plugin is all about telling your customers or users that they should follow your brvà on Facebook. It doesn’t have sầu a very complicated interface & that’s the point. In short, the plugin reveals a small module on your trang web, similar khổng lồ your Facebook Business page, but in a miniature fashion.

You can see everything from the cover image lớn some of the people who like the page. There’s also a button for people khổng lồ instantly click on the page & Like it, all without having khổng lồ visit the Facebook page at all. This is particularly convenient since it cuts down on the steps needed khổng lồ gain followers.

The Simple Like Page Plugin functions as a widget, so you can go to lớn the Widgets section on your WordPress dashboard and adjust the settings. The widget has a minimalist style, offering only a few settings for changing the box form size & hiding a few elements like the cover photo. This plugin, in particular, is available for không lấy phí but the developers also have sầu some premium plugins, some of which work well with Simple Like Page Plugin.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Facebook Plugins?It’s a simple way khổng lồ gain more followers on Facebook.Simple Like Page Plugin is a widget, meaning you can drop it in places like your sidebar or footer.It doesn’t take up too much room on your website.The widget provides the Like button for customers to lớn cliông chồng on. There’s no need for them khổng lồ even visit your Facebook page.Several customization elements are there, such as the cover image & the users that also follow your page.You can opt khổng lồ show some of your most recent posts khổng lồ give sầu users an idea of what type of nội dung you tóm tắt.Page events can also be posted through this app.Users have sầu the option khổng lồ skết thúc messages khổng lồ the page. This is all done through the widget, so the customer has no need to go to lớn the Facebook page.It’s free.The developer has several gallery plugins that could pair well with the Like button.Who Should Consider This Facebook Plugin for WordPress?

If you’re keen on widgets, this may be the best option. It’s a useful tool with a quichồng Like button for building your followership. Some themes already have some sort of function like this, so you should make sure you need it in the first place.

9. WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare

If you’re looking for some more power behind your sharing plugin, WordPress Social Sharing Plugin from Social Warfare has a beautiful frontover section for adding social chia sẻ buttons. Not only that, but it builds social proof with the help of tóm tắt numbers on each button.

In some of the other Facebook sharing plugins, the total nội dung count is accumulated for all of the social networks. Social Warfare breaks it down so that users see exactly how many of those shares were lớn Facebook or some other networks.

The top social networks are all supported, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Pinterest. You get khổng lồ choose where the mô tả buttons are placed, such as at the beginning of a post or below the content. You can customize all of the information that goes inlớn the sharing module that goes off lớn Facebook. For instance, it allows you to lớn modify items like the thumbnail form size, custom themes, & text form size.

There is a không tính tiền version that includes Facebook, but you can tăng cấp to lớn get even more features và supported buttons in the pro version.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Facebook Plugins?It supports a wide range of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, & Mix.You have sầu options for where you want lớn put the buttons. Some people like having them both above sầu và below the post content or to choose one.All of the social buttons can have a counter on them. This way, the shares are counted & shown to lớn other users. This helps them lớn realize that some of your content is very popular và that they should read it.The plugin comes with a widget so you can customize everything from post thumbnail sizes to lớn custom visual themes.Shortcodes are provided with the plugin as well.Social Warfare provides a bonus feature that reveals a “cliông chồng khổng lồ tweet” button in your content.A Sạc button is available for those who would lượt thích their customers to mô tả certain pictures khổng lồ Pinterest.Link shortening, click tracking, & other analytics are possible in the dashboard.Who Should Consider This Facebook Plugin for WordPress?

Social Warfare isn’t for everyone, but it does paông chồng quite a few features into lớn the không lấy phí version. If you don’t have sầu social sharing buttons included with your theme we recommover trying out a few of them. Start with Social Warfare, then move onto some of the other suggested here & elsewhere. Much of the time it comes down to personal preference và how the buttons integrate with your current theme.

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Having said that, everyone should have sầu these sharing buttons on their blogs and online stores, so at least consider Social Warfare.

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