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Being the big tín đồ of coffee that I am, I was creating a post on “National Coffee Day” a while bachồng and I was wondering how I would go about adding a coffee cup ibé to my post. Facebook has added Stickers và Feelings, that can be added to posts, but I didn’t really lượt thích anything they had. I wanted something more lượt thích an emoji…you know…a coffee cup.

So, I ran a few searches khổng lồ find what I was looking for & lo-and-behold, the Internet delivered. It took a few queries, though, to lớn find what I wanted. Some of the searches I tried were:

Adding icons to Facebook postsCopy và paste an icon lớn a Facebook postCan you add emojis lớn Facebook?Can you copy & paste an emoji to lớn Facebook?List of icons that can be added to lớn a Facebook post

If was the last one that that resulted in the post I was looking for. Thanks to lớn Steve sầu Bizuns over, I found the perfect coffee cup inhỏ that I could simply highlight, copy, và paste into my post. If you want a coffee cup for your post, you can find it, here.

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Be aware, that the icons don’t always come over exactly as expected. For example, Steve’s coffee cup icons look lượt thích this on his page:


Just a little different, but no worries. It’s still a good looking cup of coffee.

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If you want a TON of other icons that you can copy/paste inkhổng lồ your Facebook posts, kiểm tra out Emojipedia. They have sầu a searchable database of fun things lớn spice up your posts, beyond just plain text & backgrounds. Apparently, they call their coffee cup “hot beverage”, which is probably why it didn’t show up in my search results on Google.

Hopefully, those resources will make your Facebook posts a little more interesting. Have sầu a favorite icon, bullet, or emoji that you’d lượt thích khổng lồ share? Do so in a comment. Have sầu a great resource that has lists of icons & bullets? Share that, too!


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