Cheông chồng any webpage for a huge selection of SEO parameters on the fly, withthe free browser extension.

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Conduct on-page SEO audit in a flashExamine internal and external linksCompare domains and URLs in real timeExport all data into a file
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User guide

Cheông chồng out our guide to lớn get an overall look at"s features và functions và learn how lớn use them.

Configure your needs

Take full advantage of all the data our powerful tool provides.


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High tốc độ, lowdrag

Perform a thorough SEO analysis of any webpage with nothing but your browser at hvà. All it takes is one click và one second. No cumbersome interface involved — adjust to lớn only display what you need when you need it.

Real-time SEO audit

Chechồng your webpage’s SEO health with a real-time diagnosis feature that helps you identify and fix various optimization issues that occur with modern tìm kiếm engines.

Link Examiner

Get all the details behind both the internal and external liên kết on any webpage, including URLs, anchor texts và liên kết types.

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SEO showdown

Compare multiple domains & URLs for a variety of SEO parameters on the go và export your results inkhổng lồ a dynamic and fully adjustable report. 3,000,000 downloads

Thousands of people are using every day. Try it for yourself. Try it for yourself. Try it for yourself. Try it for yourself.


SEObarGet an instant SEO summary for any webpage you’re browsing with the interactive sầu SEObar that can be adjusted lớn your needs or switched off completely.


SEO DashboardNot a big bạn of extra bars in your browser? Meet the SEO dashboard! One cliông chồng will open a compact, yet informative lightbox with a brief SEO overview, including Page, Domain and Backlinks details.



Vast DataSEMrush, Alexa, Google rank, Yahoo index — you name it! Switch between a great choice of reliable data sources and types, including social truyền thông media elements, like Tweets and Facebook Likes.


Keyword AnalysisGet a detailed and structured report on all từ khóa found on the page. Visualize data in the keywords cloud và narrow down your search using powerful filters.

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Print & ExportExport your data with style! With, it’s easy to save sầu data from any of the reports inlớn a .csv tệp tin, or better yet — print it out

Install — It"s free Install — It"s không tính tiền Install — It"s không tính phí Install — It"s free