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Now you can totally get loan with Home Credit because of the fast approval time, simple documents, interest rate loans, POS network dominance nationwide.

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Mr Hoang Van Quan – The process of scanning document is very smooth và fast

The feeling of winning a big prize is very happy. This is the second time I used trang chủ Credit’s service. I have bought a di động phone before, this time it is a cash loan. The process of scanning documents is very smooth and fast. trang chủ Credit also has callers that remind me about my due dates. This helps me a lot because I am really a forgetful person.

Mr Le Phan Hoang Dung – fast and professional

When I heard that I won the first prize of the promotion, I was so excited, happy, và feel a little confused. I cannot expect to be so lucky that the first time I used trang chủ Credit’s service and has been awarded such a valuable present. I heard about trang chủ Credit so much, but I haven’t tried it yet till this time. Almost all my acquaintance used trang chủ Credit & see that it’s very fast và professional. Many people around me love sầu it.

Ms Le Thi Hang – trang chủ Credit services help me a lot

I’m really happy and highly appreciate trang chủ Credit. I knew Home Credit through my friover, I have to lớn say this kind of service help me a lot in life. My family members were also use service from Home Credit.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Be Thu – convenience, fastness, và carefulness

Worker, live in Hoc Mon District, HCMCI buy a new motorcycle via an installment loan with Home Credit. The process takes only 15 minutes. After carefully considering services offered by banks and financial companies, I’ve come khổng lồ the place which provides convenient, fast services và cares much about customers. That is trang chủ Credit.

Mr Truong Van My – I feel assured with service that Home Credit provides

I feel so happy và surprised when I was informed that I won the first prize of “Mega buy, mega sale” chiến dịch. This is really the big happiness of me và my family in the first days of a new year. Being a friendly customer of Home Credit for a long time, I feel assured with service that trang chủ Credit provides. Thanks for creating opportunity for me lớn approach loans, I had a chance of receiving the precious prize today.

Mr. Huynh Mau Quoc – feeling relief as not khổng lồ pay big money for an item

34 ages, employee at Thien Phuoc Ltd. Co., living in District 3, HCMCI’ve bought a thiết bị di động phone & a refrigerator under an installment loan with Home Credit. I only pay VND1.1 million monthly khổng lồ own two items. I was so impressed that the company’s consultants carefully explained about interest rate và fine fees to me while a lot of people were waiting for consult. The company’s collectors are also friendly when phoning to remind me about the payment dates that really helps me to lớn avoid fine fees if I pay late. I feel relief and comfortable as I can pay in many times to lớn own a valuable sản phẩm instead of paying a big amount of money one time.

Ms. Huynh Thi Que Huong – I trust Home Credit

41 ages, worker at Pou Yuen Co., living in Binch Tan District, HCMCI’ve sầu been a customer of trang chủ Credit for 8 months. The company’s consultants are so wholehearted và thoughtful. I trust trang chủ Credit. The consultant did inkhung the interest rates clearly và the monthly payment is suitable for my income, while the procedure is so simple and convenient. I really feel happy with my choice.

Ms. Le Thao Trang - I feel lucky when I know trang chủ Credit

I was surprised when I was informed that I was a winner & felt happy as I was lucky khổng lồ win the second prize of Mega buy, mega sale” campaign. I used both instalment service and cash loans of trang chủ Credit. The process of instalment and cash loans of trang chủ Credit is so simple. Sales Assistants are very enthusiastic. A lot of my friends have sầu used service of trang chủ Credit và all of them feel satisfied.

Ms Le Thi Chieu Oanh – I feel that Sale Assistants of trang chủ Credit are enthusiastic about consulting

Ms. Le Thi Chieu Oanh is the first person to win the first prize of “Mega buy, mega sale” chiến dịch. The prize is 1 tale SJC Gold. Mr. Chien, her husband said that “We are very happy as we are lucky to lớn win the most special prize. Our family has gone shopping by using installment service of Home Credit in many times. I feel that Sales Assistants of Home Credit are enthusiastic about consulting. I have sầu also introduced trang chủ Credit khổng lồ my friends (smiling).

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Mr. Nguyen Van Hung - trang chủ Credit staffs are really enthusiastic

Ms Tuyet (mr Hung’s wife) shared: When I knew we won 10 million shopping voucher I just think it was a joke, but think bachồng about the enthusiasm of Home Credit staff I totally believed. I’m really happy when won this prize. Both my husbvà & I use trang chủ Credit service lớn buy mobile phone & motorxe đạp. This kind of service really helpful with my family.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Giang – borrowing money from banks takes long time

Work at a telecommunication company, living in District 12, HCMCI have sầu been customer of trang chủ Credit for 2-3 years. Why vì I choose trang chủ Credit? Because it takes a lot of time lớn borrow money from banks. In addition, the difference between rates of banks and financial companies is not too big while financial companies offer fast và convenient service so I’ve chosen to work with financial companies. Moreover, the loan is not too big, I completely can cover the monthly payment so I feel very comfortable.

Mr. La Duy Khang – installment loan is the best way

24 ages, sale assistant of Home Credit for 2 years, living in District 10, HCMCI’ve sầu taken an installment loan to buy a phone with monthly payment of over VND800,000. Before working for Home Credit, I didn’t think of taking an installment loan as I worried of complicated procedures và big monthly payment. However, since I’ve sầu worked here, I found that the monthly payment is very suitable with my income. Borrowing money with Home Credit is so convenient; you just need an ID and a driving license. You get an insecure loan with simple process & fast, so the current rate is quite reasonable I think. If you go lớn a ngân hàng, you will also get an interest rate lượt thích.

Mr Nguyen Minh Hieu – trang chủ Credit staffs are really enthusiastic

I’m very happy when won 10 million shopping voucher. Thank for Home Credit staffs who are really enthusiastic. I definitely use trang chủ Credit service again.

Mr Nguyen Van Thuan - promotion is very attractive

I feel so happy when obtaining the first prize of “Megabuy, Megasale” campaign. This is the first time I have sầu a cash loan with Home Credit và have been rewarded a valuable prize luckily. This prize is extremely meaningful as it helps me và my family to lớn fulfil our dreams and plans in the near future. I insist on being a loyal customer of Home Credit. I hope that trang chủ Credit will launch more attractive sầu promotion campaigns which will offer many grvà prizes like this for all customers.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Minch – Monthly installment less than one time eating out

60 ages, motorcycle driver, live in Dist. 3, HCMC I buy a Samsung Galaxy with a nine-month installment loan from trang chủ Credit, and one month I just have sầu to pay a small amount of VND361,000 which is less than one time eating out. I work as a freelancer và cannot prove my income so it is impossible for me to access banks’ loans. Meanwhile, trang chủ Credit offers a lot of choices which are so convenient, simple with careful consult from consultants. I sincerely thank trang chủ Credit.

Mr Nguyen Trung Tkhô cứng - Good service, fast process & staffs are enthusiastic

This is the first time I win such a big prize like this. So amazing. I take cash loan from trang chủ Credit so many time and feel really safety. Good service, fast process và staffs are enthusiastic. I would recommover Home Credit to lớn my friends

Ms Tu Mong Cuc – The payment policy is very convenient & consistent with my monthly income

I was so surprised hearing that I won the first prize of the program " Megabuy, Megasale". I can’t believe sầu that I"m so lucky like this. Previously, when I was not aware of trang chủ Credit"s service, I often had lớn save sầu money so long lớn buy my favourite items. I love trang chủ Credit’s services because the payment policy is very convenient and consistent with my monthly income. The sale assistants at store greeted and consulted customers so well.

Mr Nguyen Hai Linch – promotion is very attractive

Home Credit gave sầu me the luck in first days of the New Year. I wish trang chủ Credit would be more successful & launch more attractive promotion campaigns for customers. I will insist on introducing a loyal customer of Home Credit as well as introduce Home Credit’s service lớn all my friends

Ms Tran Thi Huong Giang – the promotion is very attractive

This is the first time I have sầu used installment service and was introduced about “Mega buy, Mega sale” campaign. But I can’t imagine that I become one of the best lucky customers who win the prize. I have a plan to build trang chính in the near furture. Therefore, this prize is really a meaningful gift for me & my family. Furthermore, I insist on introducing products of Home Credit lớn my friends so people can join and enjoy attractive promotion campaigns of trang chủ Credit. Thank you, Home Credit. Hope that trang chủ Credit will have more development and reach more suscess.

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