Uber moto and grab bike

In Vietphái mạnh you can use Uber in Hanoi và Ho Chi Minch city.

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There is not already Uber in Vietphái mạnh. You have to lớn use Grab or Go-Jek!

Update, February 2018: (according to lớn truyền thông reports from February 2018, Uber will leave sầu Southeast Asia market & pass its activities khổng lồ Grab, more info). Transportation in Vietphái mạnh, mainly in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minch City is for foreigners chaotic và confusing. But for the Vietnamese, it is perfectly normal, people crossing the streets very slowly và without ức chế. The tourists use a xe taxi service in Vietphái mạnh & other alternative transportation as well Uber, Grab Bike, Easy Riders, & more. A suitable alternative sầu is Uber (or Grab), avoid dishonest xe taxi drivers, and you every time knows exactly what you pay for ride.

A lot of dishonest xe taxi drivers operate in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minch City.

Uber began operate in Vietphái nam in mid-2014 và using of this service in Vietnam giới was ended in 2018. Uber in Vietphái nam has met with many difficulties recently. In August 2017, the Da Nang City Transport Department issued a notice banning Uber operations in Da Nang đô thị (more info). Surely you’ve sầu noticed, however, problems or a ban on this service such as Uber in some European countries, nước Australia and India. The availability of Uber services in cities you can kiểm tra on the trang web of Uber.

Uber in Vietphái nam use for transport of customers also motorcycles, scooters under the name Uber MOTO (pholớn illustration).

Uber offers 4 transport options + 1 deliver service in Vietnam.

Uber offers 4 types of transport services + 1 deliver service in Vietnam (Uber MOTO, Uber X, Uber BLACK, SUV, Uber DELIVER). The Prices for transport with Uber in Vietphái mạnh are almost one third versus Vietnamese taxi services. However, these prices are almost the same in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minc City. It is possible the prices for Uber services will be grow slowly.

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For transportation you can also use Uber MOTO (motorxe đạp / scooter).

Yes, motorxe đạp / scooter is another option of transport with Uber in Vietphái mạnh. Sometimes, the transportation with a motorxe đạp may be faster, it is also very cheap (about 3,700₫ / 1 km), the streets are often full & congested in big cities. But this option of transportation can be dangerous, the car is less dangerous. It should be emphasized, despite the chaos which prevails on the streets, the bikers are moving slowly, because it not be done otherwise.

Uber in Vietnam giới – transport options and prices icon-angle-double-down 


Uber MOTO (motorxe đạp, scooter)icon-angle-double-down 

The Prices in vietnamese dong, same in Hanoi và Ho Chi Minc City (October 2017):Basic tax – 0₫+ for one minute – 200₫+ for 1 km – 3,700₫Minimum fare – 10,000₫Cancellation fee – 5,000₫

Uber X (classic standard car)icon-angle-double-down 

The Prices in vietnamese dong in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minc City (October 2017):Basic tax – Hanoi – 0₫ / Ho Chi Minch City – 0₫+ for one minute – Hanoi – 300₫ / Ho Chi Minc City – 300₫+ for 1 km – Hanoi – 7,500₫ / Ho Chi Minh City – 8,500₫Minimum fare – Hanoi – 15,000₫ / Ho Chi Minh City – 15,000₫Cancellation fee – Hanoi – 15,000₫ / Ho Chi Minc City – 15,000₫

Smartphone phone and Uber application (photo: Mark Warner/ Flickr)

To use this service you need khổng lồ have a Smartphone application on your phone.

Install Uber di động applicaton for Android or iPhone, enter information about your credit thẻ and you can ride. Using of this application is very simple. In the application, you’ll see a price of estimate drive, options for transportation (Uber MOTO, Uber X…), drive sầu time, all information intuitively navigate you.

Pin on the map you specify pickup location & confirm your booking of the service. WARNING – if you order the drive sầu and then you make a cancellation, you will be charged with the cancellation fees (5,000₫ for the xe đạp, 15,000₫ for the car). Look at the current price list of Uber in different cities. After completing your ride you will receive sầu a bill for a ride in your tin nhắn.

Get a không lấy phí ride by inviting your friends.

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Also you can get a không tính tiền ride if you invite your friends with your promocode. For more information about the using the service see the official help page, where you’ll find all the answers.

1. Register here for free

2. Install Uber mobile application

3. Book a ride

Good luông xã when traveling with Uber (or Grab)!