GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is one of the famous animated image formats. They are just rocking the online world with their amazing animations. All in all, still photos create more desire among muốn the audience to lớn enjoy animations that tell a thous& words story in just a few seconds. Facebook, Tumblr, & BuzzFeed are three popular for most GIF usage. Often, we come across the question, how to post a GIF on Facebook?

Thus, we decided khổng lồ chia sẻ the whole matter in this article. It contains all aspects and methods by which it is possible lớn add GIF lớn Facebook, even on iPhone devices.

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Part 1. How khổng lồ Add GIFs to lớn Facebook?

Now, it"https://web5s.com.vn/upload-gif-len-facebook/imager_1_117135_700.jpgs been a task of seconds khổng lồ cốt truyện or add GIF to lớn Facebook. The most popular GIF trang web called GIPHY offers many options to vì the same. So, without wasting any time, we would like khổng lồ introduce some easy steps by which you can tóm tắt your selected GIF on Facebook.

In total, there are 2 methods GIPHY provides as follows.

Method 1: Upload GIF to lớn Facebook Directly from giphy.com

The steps given below will assist you in uploading GIF directly on Facebook.

Step 1. Go khổng lồ www.giphy.com

Direct to lớn the above-given website và select the GIF you want lớn upload. You can create, upload, or choose from their already made stuff of new GIFs. The site provides GIFs in categories such as Entertainment, Reactions, Stickers, Sports, và Artists. So, use their Search tab & choose your favorite GIF.


Step 2. Clichồng a GIF that You Like

Click the selected GIF. It will direct you to a new window with several options. Here, you can add it khổng lồ favorites, copy liên kết, web5s.com.vn, embed, & nói qua it with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Step 3. Clichồng the Facebook Icon

Then, you need to cliông chồng the Facebook upload button on the GIF detail window. A new page will appear asking you to write something about the GIF or show any feeling or activity and then ultimately hit the Post lớn Facebook button.

Similarly, you can use GIPHY App khổng lồ add GIF to Facebook in a few minutes. After selecting your favorite GIF or creating or uploading your own, tap on the nói qua icon given below any of the GIFs.


Method 2: Add GIF Natively khổng lồ Facebook

Instead of directly sharing GIFs khổng lồ Facebook, you can also a somewhat lengthy process if you don"https://web5s.com.vn/upload-gif-len-facebook/imager_1_117135_700.jpgt want the Giphy lớn intervene in your Facebook protệp tin. Consider the steps given below lớn bởi vì the same.

Step 1. Open Giphy App or Giphy Website

First of all, you need to open the Giphy official website or Giphy App. Then, select the GIF you want to lớn add lớn Facebook.

Step 2. Cliông xã Selected GIF

Click the chosen GIF và direct yourself lớn GIF detail window. It will offer you different options, as discussed above sầu. Right-cliông chồng & save sầu the GIF on the desktop. If you are on sản phẩm điện thoại, hit the Save sầu button lớn keep it on the camera roll.

Step 3. Open Your Facebook Profile

After you save sầu the GIF image, open your Facebook profile. Then, in the section Add Photo/Video, select the saved GIF. It will take just a second or two to upload the GIF. Once it is uploaded, simply hit the Post button.

So, these are 2 simple methods khổng lồ know how to tóm tắt a GIF on Facebook. Gfycat is one of the popular alternatives khổng lồ Giphy if you are curious khổng lồ tìm kiếm more GIFs.

Part 2. How to lớn Put a GIF on Facebook with GIF Feature?

If you want to know how to use GIFs on Facebook, consider this step by step, guide, và effectively use its GIF feature.

Step 1. Log in khổng lồ Your Facebook Account

In Step 1, you need to lớn log in lớn your Facebook trương mục. Cheông xã for the option Make Post on the Facebook home page screen, which is present at the top.

Step 2. Cliông xã Three Dots

As you head towards sharing the GIF, three dots will appear at the side, as shown in the figure. Simply click them for more post options.

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Step 3. Clichồng the GIF Button

A phối of different options will appear in front of you from which you have sầu khổng lồ go for GIF. The button is easy lớn find và offers many GIFs khổng lồ post on your Facebook post directly. Scroll the bar to lớn find more GIFs as there is no shortage.

Step 4. Share GIF

Simply cliông chồng the GIF you want to lớn cốt truyện on a Facebook post, add any text if you wish to, and hit the Post button.

Part 3. How to lớn Post GIF lớn Facebook Comment?

In this section, we will let you know how khổng lồ add a GIF to lớn Facebook comment in four simple steps.

Step 1. Go to lớn the Facebook Post

How vày you phản hồi with a gif on Facebook? Well, search the post you would like lớn add a bình luận on with GIF & clichồng the Comment button given under the post. In the tab, write a bình luận, you can giới thiệu your thoughts with text, GIF, pholớn, or emoji.

Step 2. Cliông chồng the GIF button

After adding text or other feedbachồng, simply cliông xã the GIF button và search your GIF from different options. For GIF, you can search phrases lượt thích proud of you, well done, congrats, etc. After that, select that GIF khổng lồ see its pđánh giá. Cliông chồng the x button lớn remove GIF if you don"https://web5s.com.vn/upload-gif-len-facebook/imager_1_117135_700.jpgt lượt thích it. Doing this will delete the bình luận as well as GIF.

Step 3. Tap the Enter Button lớn Post GIF

After selecting your GIF, put the cursor in the phản hồi box & hit the Enter button. The phản hồi will get imweb5s.com.vntely posted after that, which you can see at the bottom of existing comments.

In this way, it is so effortless to lớn upload GIFs to lớn Facebook comments.

Part 4. How to Post a GIF on Facebook from iPhone?

Read the section carefully if you want khổng lồ know how to lớn put a GIF on Facebook from an iOS device. However, almost similar, there are mainly there are two ways khổng lồ vì chưng the same on your iPhone device.

Method 1: Use Facebook GIF feature

As the name suggests, Facebook has its GIF feature. We have sầu also discussed the same in earlier sections. So, let"https://web5s.com.vn/upload-gif-len-facebook/imager_1_117135_700.jpgs get started on how to lớn use the Facebook GIF feature in some simple steps.

Step 1. Go lớn Create Post Section

If you want lớn add GIF khổng lồ a Facebook post, then follow these steps. Run your Facebook phầm mềm first. Then, What"https://web5s.com.vn/upload-gif-len-facebook/imager_1_117135_700.jpgs on your mind will appear on the Facebook front page. Click it lightly, và you will see GIF Feature.

Step 2. Cliông chồng the GIF Button

Then, simply hit the GIF button và search or select your favorite GIF from different options available.

Step 3. Hit Share Button

After you select your GIF, simply press the Blue Post button, and you"https://web5s.com.vn/upload-gif-len-facebook/imager_1_117135_700.jpgre good to lớn go!

Method 2: Use Giphy App

Use the GIF tiện ích, such as Giphy lớn create, upload, or select your favorite GIF and mô tả it further on social truyền thông web5s.com.vn lượt thích Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Step 1. Go to lớn GIPHY App in Your iPhone

Go to & select from lots of GIF options available.

Step 2. Click the GIF that You Choose

Select the GIF & click it. A new detail page will open while offering you different options for sharing. Click the Facebook button.

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Step 3. Share GIF khổng lồ Facebook

After you cliông xã the Facebook button, it will direct to lớn your Facebook protệp tin. You can either type something for the GIF or post any feeling with it. However, you can also chia sẻ a simple GIF. Then, hit the blue Share button to lớn nói qua the GIF post.