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Hi.ru Redirect Details

Previous informatiom from VirusTotal showed that only one anti-virut program detects it as malicious, and five sầu solutions haven’t rated it. Currently, as of March 2020, no engine on VirusTotal detects the tên miền as malicious, but we have been receiving complaings from users, experiencing issues with this redirect. Another example of a very annoying & persistent redirect is Gestyy.com.

The Hi.ru browser hijacker may be part of a worldwide network of related threats. Its structure is based on an ordinary template và its contents may be “mapped” to various domains.

Nonetheless, what is troublesome about it is the way it was brought lớn the user’s browser as a trang chính page.

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If the user has recently downloaded a piece of miễn phí software, hi.ru may have been included in the Download Agreement as a trang chủ page. However, more information is needed lớn confirm the ways hi.ru employs khổng lồ hijack the browser.

To avoid being exposed lớn a malicious threat or unwanted software, the user should consider scanning his system. Additionally, he may want khổng lồ think twice before clicking on an advertisement brought by hi.ru. Doing so may:

Redirect users khổng lồ dubious websites employed for phishing or other forms of social engineering scams.Add tracking technologies to the browser – persistent & Flash cookies, beacons, etc.Collect relevant information about the user and his system.

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Hi.ru Removal Options

As we already said in the beginning, hi.ru has been persistent in the attempts to lớn be removed from Firefox và Chrome. There still may be an easy solution to rid the PC from the intrusive sầu page.

Оne thing to be tried is launching the browser from the Start Menu instead of the taskbar. Unpinning it from the taskbar may also bởi vì the work. Also, try the steps at the bottom of the article. They are a proven solution for removing unwanted browser extensions with hijacking capabilities.

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cảnh báo that running a full system scan khổng lồ determine if there is potentially unwanted software hiding in your system may still be required.

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