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If you want lớn minimize the time and maximize the effort you put for search engine optimization work, you definitely need something beyond Joomla mặc định for SEO which is a Joomla SEO extension or plugin.

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You also might need khổng lồ know all SEO factor can have sầu impacts on your Joomla site.

Then, after optimizing all of them, the only question left is “Which Joomla SEO tool you need lớn have?”

This article will have an answer for you. Let’s check it out.

You can go lớn an overview of these 12 Joomla SEO extensions before checking them in detail


- Main function: On-page SEO optimize, Analytic, Security

- Paid extension

Perhaps this is the most complete SEO extension for Joomla since it helps with every frustrating tìm kiếm engine problem known in this CMS.

On-page SEO management - Cheông xã. Duplicate nội dung - Check. SEF URL - Cheông chồng. Security problem - Check. And the menu doesn’t stop there.

Maybe the only setbaông xã for this extension is it can bởi so much that you may get confused when start. A word of advice: if you decide khổng lồ give sầu this extension a shot, read its document first rather than what is displayed on the homepage. It’s more comprehensive sầu and informative.

It’s so well known aao ước the Joomla community và webmasters. You should consider it if you take your work for the top #1 in search rankings seriously.

Feature summary:

Metadata controlAbility to generate structure dataManage SEF URLSocial truyền thông sharing features with customizable optionsAdd an extra layer of security: anti-flooding, anti-spam, url blocking, etcGoogle Analytics integrationData recording: 404 page, redirect, etcImport data from others Joomla SEO extension



- Main function: Meta tag control, SEF URLs setting

- Free + Paid version

Another handy tool for making your search engine optimization work easier. As for the functions, it can handle the most basic Joomla SEO problems like duplicate nội dung, SEF URL, redirect or sitemap.

However, it comes with a không tính tiền version so you can try out, & the control panel is straightforward và easy to lớn start with. Good choice for anyone who wants a không lấy phí Joomla SEO extension.

Feature summary:

Fully customize URL for Search EngineMetadata controlCustomize 404 pageHandle 301 redirectDuplicate URL prevention and managementSupport UTF-8 URL và URLs translation at multilingual siteBe able khổng lồ connect with Google Analytics


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SEO - Generator

- Main function: Auto-generate meta tag

- Paid extension

Despite the fact that Joomla itself has a convenient way for you khổng lồ customize title, meta mô tả tìm kiếm & meta từ khóa, this extension can save sầu you the time on this job by automatically generating everything for you based on your content, whether you create an article on the front-kết thúc or back-over.

Therefore, if you have sầu a user-generated content site like a community blog, this extension could be a great help to lớn you.

Feature summary

Very easy to use và setupMeta tag automatic generatorWork with many Joomla versions (1.5 - 3)Work with every languageCan create từ khóa blacklistWork with sh404SEF (if meta management disable)Make Google Webmaster Verify process easier


- Main function: SEO On-page optimize, data tracking

- Paid extension - Come with demo

The difference between this extension & other SEO extensions lie in the way they grade our on-page SEO score. If you’re familiar with Yoast SEO in WordPress, RSSEO somewhat has replicated the grading system, which tells you details of how và where you need lớn improve sầu your on-page factors.

Moreover, its “optimization flow” is another advantage of this extension.

You can optimize not just meta tags but also can modify sitemaps & robot.txt for the page within one screen. No need lớn go lớn many different control tabs khổng lồ configure it.

Feature summary

Index your pages via the site crawler featureCookie law notificationGoogle Analytics integrationGenerate XML và HTML sitemapsManage the metadataSet 301 redirects directly from the componentHandle error pagesCheông xã keywords positioning via google tìm kiếm console integrationChechồng your competitors ranking on a different metric


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EFSEO - Easy Frontend SEO

- Main function: Meta tag control

- Free download - Paid for tư vấn

Focusing on metadata management, EFSEO really excels at it. Front-kết thúc control, an automatic generating system with customizable settings, collecting URLs to the database.

All features are developed nicely & are great không tính phí SEO extension tools.

Feature summary

Be able to handle the following metadata: Title, Description, Keywords, Generator & Robots settingHave sầu automatic generate optionBackover & front over editorSet limit character for metadataSupport Languages: English và German


Route 66

- Main function: SEF URLs setting, SEO nội dung analysis, Speed optimization

- Paid extension

As it claimed lớn be powered by the famous YoastSEO, its SEO content analysis on-page features are the best aước ao all Joomla SEO extensions I have listed here in terms of UI/UX design.

However, the features that make this extension standout should be the ability lớn create SEF URL using defined patterns. For example: category alias/article alias or categoryPath/article alias, etc.

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Suggestion according to Google Page Speed and Facebook Instant Article are 2 other advanced features for Route66.

Features summary

Create SEF URL based on a predefined patternSEO nội dung analysis powered by Yoast SEOGoogle Page Speed optimizationFacebook instant articleOption lớn add a canonical tagGoogle analytics integrationDuplicate URL handling


JSitebản đồ

-Main function: Create sitebản đồ, Metadata optimization

- Paid extension

The most powerful sitebản đồ making extension in Joomla. Not just making a regular sitemaps, it also can help you make all types of sitemaps like image, đoạn Clip, or even google news and AMP ones.

Moreover, it’s simple to use & integrates with many other useful features listed below. If your site contains thousands of URLs or has a content format in your site, you should consider having JSitemaps on your site.

Despite its primary function being khổng lồ generate sitemaps, it also has many interesting features that help you optimize for SEO.

Features summary:

Capable of making all types of sitemapSubmit sitemap on the backendOne-click control panelMulti-language supportWebsite data display thanks lớn Google Analytics integrationHtaccess và robots.txt editorAbility khổng lồ control metadata such as: title and meta mô tả tìm kiếm.

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- Main function: Content optimization for tìm kiếm engine

- Paid extension

Real-time SEO score check is the outstanding features of this extension, as it points out the problem that you need to improve and grade your page score. It works both for article & thực đơn view, & also provide a pnhận xét on SERPs.

Besides that, it has the option khổng lồ enable Facebook Graph. At the lowest price of $49, this extension needs khổng lồ have sầu more features.

SEO quái dị

- Main function: Keyword tracking, meta tag control

- Free và Paid version - Free version will include a backlinks for developer

Another tool lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with Joomla SEO basic problems. There are 2 things about SEO boss I find it worth having.

One is the keyword rank tracking system seem very useful for a không tính phí extension, you can see every keyword within one dashboard, not lượt thích the other when you have sầu to see từ khoá by từ khoá.

Two is the ability to lớn manage all metadata, also in one screen. However, this feature is only available in the pro version.

Feature summary

Automatically generate meta tagManage title & meta description in one screenKeyword trackingGoogle analytic integrationDuplicate nội dung handleBackup manager



- Main function: Meta tag control

- Free + Paid version

There is not much to lớn say about this Joomla SEO component despite it helps you control meta tag for the article within one screen, with an option to generate descriptions for the one who hasn"t had yet. With the Pro version, you will unloông chồng the features to edit meta tag for thực đơn item & K2 sản phẩm, which is useful since K2 is a widely used extension.


Tag Meta

- Main function: Meta tag control, canonical liên kết support

- Free download

The only extension tư vấn other types of metadata rather than a title or description lượt thích author, content right or external reference.

Plus, it also helps you add canonical khổng lồ each page manually. With matching rule option for automatic generating system detail to synonym từ khoá, tag meta surely help you save sầu a lot of time on those meta tags if you bởi vì it right.

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SEO Simple

- Main function: Meta mô tả tìm kiếm generate

- Free download

As its name, this is the most simple Joomla SEO plugin to use. Everything you can use is all on this screen. And all it does is generate meta mô tả tìm kiếm automatically.


A summary of 12 Joomla SEO extensions

Featuressh404SEFJoomSEFRSSEORoute 66JSitemapPWSEOSEO BossOS Meta - SEO Simple - Meta Tag - SEO Generator - EFSEO
On-Page Suggestion   x x  
Meta Tag Controlxxxxxxx
SEF URLxxxx    
Canonical Tag   x    
Speed Optimization   x    
Htaccess Edit  x  x x 
Robot.txt Edit  x x x 
Duplicate Content Checker x x    
301 Redirect     
Google Analytic Integration x   
Keyword Ranking Checker      
Structure Data      
404 page customize     

In conclusion,

There are top 12 Joomla SEO extensions and plugins worth trying. Having one does not guarantee 100% you will succeed in ranking your page in top 1 Google, however, it will have sầu you save a lot of time trying khổng lồ get there.

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You can read more about this Joomla SEO guide khổng lồ learn more about how lớn utilize the extension for your site

I hope with this đánh giá, you can choose the most suitable tools.

Are you ooking for flexible Joomla templates with customization, user-friendly interface & professional layout design? We are here khổng lồ help!